Monday, 22 September 2014

A few days in London

At the end of August I went to London with my friend Janka for 5 days. It was the first time for Janka in London but for me it was actually the 5th time! I am really in love with London and I couldn't wait to go there again and to show this amazing city to her. Every time I discover new things in London and the city has so much variation and the people are really nice (in my experience).
Have a look at the pictures I made, and if you scroll all the way down, you'll find a video where I have put all my video footage together. Enjoy!

We booked one of the cheapest hotel we could find that was not too far from the center of London. The hotel is called NH hotels and is near Glucester Road tube station (photo below). 
We didn't expect that much because this hotel wasn't that expensive, but it turned out to be a very luxe hotel as you can see at the photo's above. And the people who worked there were so nice and helpful. 

M&M store at Leicester Square (Look at all those M&M's!!!)

 We bought some breakfast at a supermarket because that's a lot cheaper. We ate our breakfast at Hyde Park! We were so lucky to have such nice weather.

Eye candy at Trafalgar Square. The left guy was about to jump over the 6 volunteers. (nobody got hurt)

And of course we had to eat some fish and chips at the pub near our hotel!

Lush! (you can find my lush haul here)
yummie yummie yummie!

Beautiful cakes in China Town!

The 2 photo's above are taken in Fortnum and Mason at regent street. You should type the name in google images because the shop is stunning! I have never seen such fancy shop before, well maybe apart from Harrods. They have 6 different floors and as you can see their christmas shop was already open in August! 

Look at these soft polar bears! Too bad they didn't fit into my suitcase. They were only a few thousand pounds... I have been in Harrods a lot of times before but every time I discover new things and I think I still haven't seen everything yet. It's so huge! I haven't taken much pictures in Harrods, but I have more footage of Harrods in my video down below if you're interested. 

seen at regent street

I really love these cute little asian shops full with studio ghibli, nintendo and anime stuff! I often end up buying nothing, but I enjoy looking at all the cute things. I mean, look at these cute pokemon plush!

Caramel frappuccino, my favourite!

I had a lot of tea in London and I even had tea with milk! Here in the Netherlands it's a bit odd to drink tea with milk, but apparently it's normal in the UK because if I ordered tea, I always got some milk with it. Another thing that's different is that they give you the tea with the teabag already in it. In the Netherlands that is a bit rude because a lot of people don't like strong tea. (but I do!)

We went to the Empire cinema at Leicester Square to see the new movie 'Guardians of the galaxy'. I have been to the biggest Odeon cinema at Leicester Square before and they have huge cinema halls. I was expecting something even bigger at the Empire cinema. We had tickets for screen 5, which is actually a really small cinema hall but that was okay! The cinema chairs were so comfy!  
The movie was really funny and I love the characters. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it!!

We have also been to the Harry Potter studio's! (You can find my blogpost about the Harry Potter studio tour here)

Picadilly by night. 

Westminster by night. 

Before I went to London I bought a new camera, the canon s120. I already have a canon 700D but it's not very handy to take it with me everywhere I go because that one is quite big... So that's why I bought the canon s120. This camera is super small and makes good quality photo's and video's. London was a great opportunity to try out my new baby. All the photo's above (except for the first one, that one is made with my 700D) are made with my new camera!

I have put together all my video footage in the video down below:

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost! 
Have you ever been to London? What do you like most about London?



  1. I love Landon ,I will be there one day

  2. OMG Valerie!! U kill me XD I love also LDN and U saw mz favourite places like MandM world

  3. I'm going to London next weekend, also to the Harry Potter studio tour, and though it's not going to be my first time there, this post made me even more excited about my trip. Anyway, I love your blog :)

    1. ah thanks for your nice comment! Doesn't matter how many times I've been to London, I also get very excited every time again.
      I'm currently working on my blogpost about the Harry Potter tour. The tour is really amazing! Have fun in London and at the HP studio's!

    2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to your post about the tour :)

  4. Your photos are all amazing, this was a really great post! I was in London during the Summer too and the weather was so warm, it makes a difference compared to rain 24/7 in Scotland where I live.

    P.s I'm a new follower, you're super pretty and I love your blog :)


    1. Aww thank you Alix for your sweet comment! I'm glad you like my post and my blog! :)
      xx Valerie

  5. Valerie! I love your blog! I just found it reading World of Wanderlust, because I read in your comment that you would like to move to london too! I'm from Vancouver Canada, and I'm moving to london this january! All the best with your plans- hope you get to move there too! Can't wait to continue reading your blog!
    Ayesha (PS we have the same layout! great minds..)

  6. London is my favorite city! I love the shot you got of the tube. Really cool!

    xx Hailey


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