Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lush Haul

When I went to London with my friend Janka, one thing we absolutely needed to go to, was LUSH!  For those of you who don't know what Lush is, Lush is a shop full with handmade cosmetics such as shampoo, bath bombs, sunscreen, moisturisers, soaps and a lot of other stuff, even beard cream! The shop smells amazing and it looks so colourful and every time I am at a Lush store I want to smell EVERYTHING! I can stay there for hours really...
We went to one of the biggest Lush shops in London, the one at Regent Street. This shop has besides a ground floor also a lower floor. Because Lush comes originally from the UK, it's slightly cheaper there compared to the Netherlands where I'm from. So Janka and I couldn't resist buying more than we intended to... We actually went twice that week! haha

Let me give you a quick look inside this Lush shop:



(Bubble bar slice)
Bright and sparkling
When I saw this, I immediately thought: "I need this!! It's freaking gold!!" 
I have already used a little pice of this. When I got out of the bath, my body was covered in super tiny little golden sparkles, which I could only see when I stood in the light. I felt a bit like Edward Cullen haha! But I felt really pretty! The sparkles didn't last long though.

The Comforter
(Bubble bar slice)
Berry yourself under a fruity blanket
This one also just looks really cool and smells very fruity! I haven't used it yet but I'm very curious how my bath is gonna look with this.

You've been mangoed
(Bath melt)
Beat the blues
I bought this one because it just smells amazing. And I have never used a bath melt before so I wanted to try one. Ooooh the smell....mmmm... so delicious.


ultimate shine shampoo bar
For hair with a clean sheen
I have never used a non-liquid shampoo before and was really curious. I wanted something that will give my hair more shine and the worker told me this was the best one. This one is very good for your scalp too. You can use it for up to 80 times! It didn't come with the package but I thought it was very useful and looked very cute and it was only a few pounds.

brightens and softens
I have recently re-ombred my hair, and I have heard of this shampoo before, but never used it. The shampoo is a dark purple liquid and I think it looks really awesome. The girl told me she used it too, even though she had brow/red ombre hair. She said she really saw I difference and liked it a lot.


On the left you see 4 small ones, these are samples you get if you buy something. Because we went twice, we got twice the samples. If you buy soaps you have to get at least 100g (the right ones).
I love the soaps because they last a long time.

(from left to right)
Honey i washed the kids (2x)
take the sting out of the day
I'm happy I got 2 of these because these smell amazing, as if you could eat them!

feel fresh and fruity
This one smells like candy. It's okay, but not really my favourite kind of fragrance.

Rock Star
smells like teen (sweet) spirit
This one also smells like candy, like a bubble gum or something.

Sea Vegetable
calm down and catch the breeze
This is absolutely my favourite! With the summer coming to an end, this soap gives me that summer feeling just a little bit longer. To me it smells like a bright blue ocean on a lovely summer day. It's really refreshing. 

Ice Blue
fresh and uplifting
This soap smells like peppermint, and I know some people absolutely don't like this smell for a soap, but I absolutely love it! Especially after a long day of work, school, or a good workout! I just feel so fresh after using it.

Figs and Leaves
buffed and heavenly skin
I thought this one looked really cool with the leaves in it, it made me all excited for autumn, and it smells good to! This one is very mild and can even be used on the face! It also has aloe vera in it.

If you want to know all the details of the products you should go to the website of lush ( and type in the name of the product and you can find all the information about it there! Super usefull :)!

Have you ever been to lush? And what are your favourite Lush products?



  1. Omg i wished that we had Lush in Denmark! I've heard so much good about it and ones tried a bath bomb.

    Im a blogger from Denmark. I would love if you could check out my blog and if you like it comment or follow on bloglovin<3

  2. Love the post! Lush is such an addiction; my wallet cries every time I go there ahah!
    In fact I’m about to post my huge haul. Lush is the best around Christmas. (:


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