Friday, 24 October 2014

Redken extreme shampoo & condioner

Hello guys! I also want to use this blog to share some products that I really enjoy using and today I want to share my favourite shampoo & conditioner at the moment: Redken extreme shampoo and conditioner.
I ombred my hair about a year ago and I really wanted to keep my hair long, thick and as healthy as possible, so I did some research on that. One of the things that would be good to invest in was buying shampoo that helped to repair my hair, because when you bleach your hair, you damage your hair too. The first shampoo & conditioner that I bought after I bleached my hair was S-factor by TIGI. I enjoyed using it, but after I re-ombred my hair in August, I wanted to try something new (also because I love to try new products every time I run out of something). My hairdresser told me about the Redken line. She told me the extreme shampoo and conditioner would be great for my hair because it helps to repair my hair and makes it even stronger. Sounds great doesn't it?

Why do I love this shampoo and conditioner so much?
First of all, it smells amazing! It has a fresh and unique scent that makes me want to sniff my hair every time I washed my hair. I have been using this shampoo for almost three months now* and I haven't cut my hair in that time. The ends of my hair are still thick and hardly any split ends! This shampoo and conditioner is more expensive then the ones I used before I ombred my hair, but I wash my hair ones in every three days and I only need a tiny amount of it, so it lasts a long time.
The thing I struggled with before, was that my hair got greasy really fast. I also had this problem when I used S-Factor. If I didn't use enough product, my hair was already greasy the day after. But with this Redken shampoo my hair stays really soft and shiny for 2 a 3 days, even if I just use a little bit. So this product is definitely worth the money. As long as your hair looks good nothing else matters, right?

*I have used more hair products but mainly this shampoo & conditioner. 

Have you ever tried a Redken product?



  1. Hey, I love your blog and I'm following on bloglovin! I love using Redken and I'm a massive fan of their conditioners. I agree, it's definitely worth the money! It's one of the best hair care brands out there. x

  2. My mom is a hairstylist and she loves recommending Redken to her clients! It really is a good hair care combination!

    Rosegold Fox


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