Monday, 24 November 2014

A day in Amsterdam

I love Amsterdam, there is always something to see and there are so many inspiring shops and things. Last saturday I went to the area known as de 9 straatjes (the 9 streets) which is named after the nine side streets connecting to the main canals. This area has lots of unique shops and places to have lunch and has a charming atmosphere. I've seen so many cute and unique shops, had a delicious glass of hot chocolate, been to a large book store, saw a dead bat, and said hi to many cats!

Here are some of the pictures that I made to give you an impression of that day. At the end of this post I show you what I bought! Enjoy :)

And this is what I bought:
I bought 3 cute little cactuses at the flower market, which can join my little cactus family in my room. I also couldn't resist walking into the lush store (again). I bought the Holly Golightly bubble bar which smells amazing! I can't wait to see what my bath will look like with all the glitters. I bought a London themed notebook in a shop called Artika. In Februari I'm going to London for 5 months and I wanted a notebook where I can write down things I want to remember, or restaurants or shops I really liked and this notebook is perfect for that! For my sister I bought a vintage mug at Locals with two hot chocolate spoons from t Goede Soet. I'm sure she's gonna love it! And the last thing I bought is a watch that I wanted for a long time. I bought it at Urban Outfitters and I love it so much ♥︎

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost!

Have you ever been to de 9 straatjes in Amsterdam? :)


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