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Mando Diao live in Paradiso Amsterdam

Hello everybody! It's already a little while back, but I want to share my experience from Mando Diao's gig in Paradiso (Amsterdam) with you! I'm a huge fan of this band, especially when I was in highschool because they make awesome and unique music. They are not the stereotype rock band and they stay themselves no matter what others think. Mando Diao went though a little change the last year and has a more artistic and daring approach now. And dared it was! They came on stage only wearing a towel around their middle and Bjorn Dixgard even stood next to me, singing Gloria in his underpants

Let me tell you a little more about Mando Diao because I'm sure most of you will be like 'Mando who?'. Mando Diao is an alternative rock band from Sweden with two lead singers: Björn Dixgård and Gustaf Norén. You might know them from their song 'Dance With Somebody', which was a hit in 2009. Their main fan base is in Sweden, Germany, Switerserland and Austria.  Their first album came out in 2002 and since then they made several other albums including a Swedish and a MTV unplugged album. Aelita is their latest album and has a more electronic sound compared to their older albums.

I've been a huge fan of Mando Diao since 2009 and I think people in highschool might knew me as 'the girl obsessed with Mando Diao'. I listened to their songs everyday, woke up with their music and went bed with their music. When they were on tour and also played in the Netherlands in 2010, I couldn't go because I struggled with really bad anxiety at that time. In 2011 they had their MTV unplugged tour. My anxiety wasn't as bad anymore and I felt strong enough to go to their concert in the Konig Pilsener Arena in Germany (The same arena I've seen Onerepublic last October). If I look back at that concert, it's almost like it was a total different band because it was so different then this gig.

The cool thing about Paradiso is that it looks a bit like a small church, and you can almost touch the stage if you stand in the front line. So when I heard they were playing there, I bought the tickets immediately, because it doesn't happen much that they play in such small and beautiful building! And also in the Netherlands!

Before Mando Diao came on stage, there was an act from Kristal and Jonny Boy. The act was a bit strange and the guy didn't show any sign of emotion. People looked really confused at their performance but even though they looked a bit weird at first, their music wasn't that bad. Their performance reminded me of a theatre and I think most people in the audience weren't prepared for a show like that.

It was known to Mando Diao fans that Bjorn and Gustaf end their show shirtless. But this time, they came on stage shirtless, only wearing a towel around their middle! You didn't hear me complaining hehe. But I couldn't help but notice that Bjorn didn't look as good as he used to. He didn't really look like the Bjorn I had a huge crush on in high school. Maybe it's because of his mustache and longer hair? The other people that were on stage wore a mask which did look a bit scary to be honest!

Halfway their show they took of their towel and changed their outfit. Bjorn only wore a plain T-shirt and I couldn't help but thinking that he looked a bit like an escaped lunatic... But he was still awesome. I was a bit confused at first, because I wasn't expecting that they would wear an outfit like that. But I liked the fact that he was jumping and singing in his underpants and just didn't care! 

Just two weeks before this, I went to Onerepublic and Ryan Tedder walked into the crowd just where me and my friend were sitting. Now Bjorn walked into crowd just where we were standing, and I have never seen him do this in any gig before! I felt so lucky -again! So crazy! Two concerts, and both singers stood next to me! I wasn't expecting that at all! If I told my younger self that Bjorn Dixgard was standing right next to me, singing Gloria, in his underpants, I would have never believed it.

The show was well put together, they started with some quiet songs and ended with some epic rock songs such as Black Saturday, Down in the Past and of course Dance With Somebody. Everybody around me was jumping and it felt great to jump, dance, and think about nothing but just enjoying the moment and the music.

I heard a lot of different opinions about their gig. Some say they are way better than they were before, and others say they have lost their minds and are too weird now. I personally think they were great. But I have to be honest, I did miss 'the old' Mando Diao a little bit and it did take me the rest of the weekend to let this crazy gig sink in because I wasn't sure what to think of them now. But the music was still amazing. I like that they want to be more artistic and daring, but if you asked me if I liked the 'new' or the 'old' Mando Diao, I would say the old Mando Diao (where Bjorn looked more like this). But I still really love their music, they get me in a mood that no other band can. I'm really looking forward to hear more from them. This gig was an amazing experience that I'm not gonna forget. :) Oh and at the end of the show, I managed to get my hands on one of Bjorns plectrums! Aw yeah! haha

I hoped you liked this blogpost, even though most of you probably didn't know Mando Diao before, but if you did, let me know! I would love to know what you think of them. :)

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