Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Christmas decorations

I can't believe it's already December, which means that it's almost Christmas! Yay! I always decorate my room a little for Christmas, even though I never spent christmas at home. But it gets me into the Christmas spirit! I always start decorating in early November because Christmas decorations make me so happy and it just gives that nice warm feeling. A lot of people seemed to like my post about my autumn decorations, so I decided to also share my christmas decorations with you! It's not that much, but I hope you will like it or maybe get some inspiration for your own Christmas decorations. Let me know what you think!

I have been so busy the last few weeks and when I come home after a long day of school or work, I love to put on these lights and light some candles in my room and watch a movie or something. I noticed that I have been a little bit stressed the last few weeks so watching a movie and drinking some tea with a nice scented candle, helps me to relax and to feel ready for the next (busy) day. As you can see I have the 'warm winter berry' scented candle from Primark but unfortunately the scent doesn't really fill the room. I recently bought a wax melt from Yankee Candles with the scent 'snow in love' and this one smells amazing! It fills my room with a lovely scent and this makes me feel relax in no time. I also bought the perfect tumblr for my tea! It's this tumblr from Starbucks and it's also very festive! Now I can drink my tea in style without the risk of having tea all over my bed sheets haha.

The last two years I've spent Christmas in London but this year I'm going to spent it in Paris (and Disneyland!!) for the first time and I'm so excited! Just two weeks left eeeeeek.

Have you decorated your room for Christmas? And what are your plans for this Christmas? :)


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