Sunday, 21 December 2014

My favourite nail polishes for the holidays + tape trick!

Hello everybody! Are you enjoying the holiday season so far?  I hope you are! Just a few days left and then it's Christmaaaaaas! Around this time of year I always like to experiment a little with glitters (without over doing it) on my eyes but especially on my nails! I've collected a few glitter nail polishes over the years and these are the ones I love the most:

Hema Top Coat Glitter | Essence 02 Circus Confetti | Paris Memories | Oh My Gem 001 | Rimmel London 002 Ruby Crush | Oh My Gem 005 | Catrice 40 I'm Dynamite | Paris Memories

A trick I  use a lot when I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with my nails, is trying different combinations out on a piece of clear tape as you can see below. This is an easy way to mix and match different nail polishes together, see how it will look like, without having to rub it all of nails if you don't like it. If the nail polishes are dried you can seal it with another layer of clear tape and actually try it on your nails! 

Here are my favourite combinations:

Silver glitters on top of a white nail polish. It reminds me of snow :)

Red glitters on top of a dark or light red nail polish. You can never go wrong with red during the holidays right?

And this is the combination I have on my nails right now. I was in the mood for something red, combined with gold and glitters :)

This is the result!

What is your favourite combination?

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas! Lots of love,

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