Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Modern Art Museum Centre Pompidou in Paris

On the third day in Paris my sister and I wanted to view some art. My sister recently learned about Jeff Koons at school, and she read that there was an exhibition from Jeff Koons in Paris so she really wanted to see that. It was in the modern art museum Centre Pompidou, the largest modern art museum in Europe with over 50,000 works of art! I also read that Obama has visited this museum in 2009. I haven't been to an art museum in a long time, but after visiting this museum I really want to go to museums more often. 

It took us a little while to get there, because we walked to the opposed direction, woops! But after a while we walked to the right direction and drank some hot chocolate at a Starbucks near the museum. My sister was so happy that they finally spelled her name right haha.

The museum was HUGE! It looked very industrial and the escalators were outside the building as you can see, which was pretty cool.


Well, I guess they were open that day!

We first went to see their permanent collection which was a few floors under Jeff Koons exhibition. It was very varied with works from a lot of different artists from different times. They also had a lot of photography what I thought was very interesting. Unfortunately the most artworks only had a brief description or it was in French. I really wanted to know what the meaning was behind some artworks, and why the artist choose for certain colours, shapes and things like that. So when I was walking there I thought: "I really need to read more about art".                  

The photos below are from "Café Little Boy". "Little Boy" was the nickname of an atomic bomb which destroyed the primary school Fukoromachi in Hiroshima. Only one wall remained standing, carrying a board on which the survivors have left messages for their loved ones. "Café Little Boy" in this museum invites visitors to write on these walls with chalk boards to respond to this tragic event and to enrich the collective memory. 

After that we went to Galerie 1 and 2, which was all the way up! There was Jeff Koons exhibition, but also this incredible view!  

On the top floor was the exhibition from Jeff Koons, the reason why we wanted to go to this museum. But there was also an exhibition from Marcel Duchamp.   

Jeff Koons is an artist from America. They say he had become one of the best known and most controversial artists of the last thirty-five years. I personally think most of he's work looks really fun and unique. What inspires him is feeling, a sense of excitement, of awe and wonder. (source)

There was also an exposition of Marcel Duchamp at the same floor. Marcel Duchamp is a French artist who died in 1968. I recognised some of his work because I learned a little about him and about Cubism and Futurism when I was in high school. For example the left painting below: It shows elements of Cubism, but also movement and dynamism of Futurism, which makes it very interesting.    

We also saw the Mona Lisa! (sort of)

After visiting this museum I realised again how interesting art is and that I should visit museums more often. So my question to you is:

What is your favourite museum? Or what museum do you really want to visit?

I really want to visit the Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam. I have lived in the Netherlands my whole life, but never visited it. It's such a shame...


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