Thursday, 29 January 2015

Studio Ghibli exposition and Palais Garnier | Last day in Paris

This is already the last post of week in Paris! On the last day, my sister and I went the Studio Ghibli exposition about the layouts from the movies, and to the breath taking Palais Garnier.

A few days earlier, when we were on our way to Centre Pompidou, I saw a poster with a drawing from Studio Ghibli that got my attention. I read that there was an exhibition about the layouts from Studio Ghibli movies here in Paris at the museum Art Ludique, so I reeeeally wanted to see that when I was still in Paris. My sister didn't knew Studio Ghibli movies, she's not really into that kind of movies, but she was sweet enough to go with me. I really like Studio Ghibli movies ever since my friend showed me the movie Totoro, but I haven't seen them all, yet!

The exposition was very interesting, I think I saw more then a thousand original layouts from the movies. Layouts are drawings which gives the animators a clear vision about a cut in a scene. It tells what kind of movement a character should perform, what the background is and how the camera should move and things like that, and also the speed of the clouds in the background for example. Everything was also in English, so this time I did understand what everything was about. I learned a lot about how layouts work and what colours and words as 'book' mean. It was prohibited to take photos inside, but this is what it looked like on the outside:

The little guide book you get at the exposition and my ticket:

At the end I bought some postcards with layouts from Spirited away, Nausicaa of the Vally of the Wind and of course Totoro! I also bought a plastic map, with a beautiful layout from the movie Spirited Away where I can put my own drawing in! 

After that we went to Palais Garnier, also known as Opera Garnier. A building built in 1861-1875 (can you imagine how long ago that was?!) Palais Garnier is a theatre where you can see the ballet Swan Lake for example, but the tickets are very expensive.
The building was breath taking! So gorgeous with so many beautiful details, I think most of the time I was walking with my mouth open. The stairs reminded me a little bit of Hogwarts. It was possible to have a tour or get an ipod thing that gives you information about the different parts of Palais Garnier, but because we didn't have much time left we only just looked around. 

The view from Palais Garnier:

This was the end of my week in Paris. I hope you enjoyed my posts about it! :)
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