Sunday, 11 January 2015

Wandering in Paris

I wanted to upload this post earlier, but my laptop stopped working. :( Luckily I've recently made a backup and I have apple care so the damage wasn't that bad. It took them a week to fix it and now I'm back again with my second post about my week in Paris! If you want to read my first post about my week in Paris you can click here. On the first full day in Paris we were just being typical tourists, we went on a tour boat, visited the Eiffel Tower and went to some Christmas markets.

But first we ate some French bread with cheese! aw yeah! After that we went to the Seine to find a nice tour boat. We walked under several beautiful bridges. I can honestly say that in Paris they have the most beautiful bridges I have seen so far!

Disco under a bridge?

On our way to the Seine, a girl came to me with papers in her hand. She asked me if I wanted to sign it for poor children of something, but she did it in a really rude way and was pushing against me. I told her I had no interest but she was still pushing me and telling me about those pour children and I just couldn't get rid of her. Then my dad (who walked a little further ahead) came and told her to go away and she said: "no no but I just wanted to give her phone back, she lost it". I was like.. wait she took my phone?! So that's why she was standing so close to me... But there was no way I could have lost my phone because I have a pocket with a zipper and I'm sure it was closed. I still don't get why she gave my phone back, maybe because she wasn't expecting that man to be my dad and got a little scared? Either way, I was a bit in shock, I knew I  had to look after my personal belongings especially in a city like Paris, but I felt stupid that someone could take my phone so easily. But I was also happy that I hadn't lost my phone.

I like tour boats, looking around, making photos and just relax. You can't visit everything in just a week so tour boats are great to at least get a glimpse of a lot of things. We saw famous buildings like The Eiffel Tower, the Notre dame and Musée d'Orsay. There were also a couple of asians on the boat who wanted to go on a photo with us!? haha! They were really nice and I think it was kinda funny :)

Before we went to the Eiffel Tower we wanted to warm up and drink some hot chocolate. That was actually really hard to find, unless you want to pay 6 euro's for one simple hot chocolate! But eventually we found something, yay! It was a small bakery that had a super pretty ceiling as you can see on the second photo below.
There were several small Christmas markets around the Eiffel Tower, but they all sold the same things so it wasn't that interesting to my opinion. You could also go iceskating near the Eiffel Tower, but also ON the Eiffel Tower! And as you can see below, they also placed a huge snow globe underneath it.

In a park near the Eiffel Tower there were older men playing jeu de boules with their flat caps and it just looked so cute.

At the end of the afternoon we went to a huge Christmas market at La Defensé. There were lots of different unique Christmas stalls with lots of different things you could buy or eat. It was beautifully decorated and I especially loved all the lights.

That was our first full day in Paris that week! On the next day my sister and I wanted to view some art, so we went to museum Centre Pompidou to view Jeff Koons exhibition. I made some photos there which I will show in my next blogpost! Right know I'm a little busy with the last things of my school project (also because I couldn't work on my laptop last week), but I'm trying to upload the rest of my week in Paris as soon as possible! 

I also still can't believe what happened in Paris this week. It sounds so unreal. I still don't get why there are people like that in the world... My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in France.


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