Friday, 13 February 2015

My first week living in London

If you follow me on twitter or instagram then you might already know that I moved to LONDON! I have dreamed of living in London for so many years now and my dream finally became reality! For my study I have to do an internship and it was also possible to do that in another country so I saw this as a good opportunity to live in London for a while. I won't be living in London permanently though, it's just for one semester (5 months). But who knows, maybe I go back to London after I'm done with my study. But first, lets talk about my first week living here!

My dad brought me to London by car. He saw this as a good opportunity to spend the weekend in London with his girlfriend and it also meant that I could bring more stuff with me! We went to London on a Friday and it took us around 6 hours to get here. On Friday evening we went to China town and we had a super delicious dinner there.

On Saturday morning we walked around Brick Lane and went to some awesome vintage shops and food markets.

On Saturday I got my keys to my room in a student apartment in Earls Court (South/West London). The house is nothing special, my room is very small and there isn't much luxury in the house. I soon realised that I couldn't take things as a comfy couch, a big sink or a drawler that doesn't brake when you touch it, for granted. I'm used to a lot of luxury at home, but I think it's a good experience for me to live with less for a while. This also makes me want to spent more time outside which I think is also a good thing.

On Sunday I walked to Kensington High Street which is near Earls Court, to buy some stuff that I needed. It felt pretty cool to walk in such a big and crowded city on my own and not knowing anybody in the whole city. I felt really brave and mature at that moment. :)
Just an hour or so later, when I was in Whole Foods, I saw Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr doing grocery shopping! How cool? So I walked towards Jim and said "Hi Jim, I follow you both on YouTube and I just wanted to say hi". Jim was so nice to me, he didn't found me annoying or anything and was asking me questions like where I was from, and what I will be doing when I'm in London. After that Tanya took a photo of us. It was so great meeting them. :)

I also saw these cute houses near my house!

On Sunday evening I drank my first beer in a pub with a housemate. By the way, even though it is called a student house, I'm actually the only student in the house, all of my housemates are working in London. I live with 11 people, most of them are from Italy, one is from Russia, one from the Philippines and one from France. I think it is really cool to live with people from different places, you can learn a lot from each other.

On Monday my internship started. For five months I will be working at a video production company based in the old building of the BBC in White City, West London. It is near Westfield which is one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe! Lucky me ;). The company and my colleges are really nice and enthusiastic and I think I will have a lot of fun and learn a lot in these months. I couldn't wish for a better internship. And look how awesome this side of my workspace is!

And everyday I walk past the 'Tardis'. Could it be even more awesome?

This is what I see everyday when I go to work as well! I really need to watch Notting Hill again...

Shopping in Westfield!

On Saturday I hung out with some housemates, we also made dinner together so maybe I will learn how to cook Italian here too! They already feel like friends to me and I'm so glad I have some sweet housemates to hangout with. In the evening we went to a club in Earls Court called 'Ping'. It was a really cool club, and they had several ping pong tabels! You can also drink from a disco ball there. London, I really like you.

On Sunday I wanted to explore my neighbourhood a bit more, because at workdays I don't really see a lot of it. I also took my camera with me because I was excited to take photos again so I can also show my friends where I'm living. 
In Holland where I'm from, if you go outside on a Sunday, you won't see many people. But here it is full of life and there is so much too see. On my way to Hyde Park I saw a police man with a huuuuge gun in his hands. A cute little boy wanted to go on a photo with him and the police man gave him his hat for the photo and the boy was so happy. And this is just one of the things that I have seen! I also saw an ice car! In Holland you can only see them in the summer. The weather was also really nice. Most of the time the weather here is a bit gray, but this Sunday it felt a bit like spring

And that was my first week living in London! I feel so happy right now that my dream became reality because a few years ago I thought it would only stay a dream. Even though I will be very busy these 5 months, I'm so excited about all the things I'm going to learn, do and see and I will share as much on this blog as I can.

By the way, I got my internship and my accommodation both through 

Go after your dreams♥︎


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