Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Notting Hill bookshop & Portobello market

When my sister came to visit me here in London we had a list of things we wanted to do, one of them was going to Notting Hill because we have both never been there before and heard a lot of good things about the market there. The night before we watched the movie Notting Hill, and the next day we went to the bookshop, that William's Travel bookshop was based on!

We went to Notting Hill Gate tube station and walked to the market from there. Even though we went on a Saturday, I wasn't expecting it to be so crowded! The houses look so pretty, I would love to live in a blue or purple house but I don't think I can live there with so many people walking in front of your house everyday.

Portobello market is actually several markets in one. You have the fruit & veg, new goods, fashion market, antiques, and second hand goods. Not all the markets are open everyday so if you want to go to see a specific thing, look on the internet if it is open that day.

The atmosphere was so nice at the market, music everywhere, for example a group of boys singing 'single ladies'. I posted a video of them on my instagram, you can see it here

All the food looked and smelled so delicious! I also really liked all the antique stalls and all those old cameras!
I will definitely go to this market again, the atmosphere is just so nice.

My sister and I went looking for the bookshop, but we thought we had to walk a lot further so we decided to have lunch first. Turned out we had lunch opposite the bookshop and we didn't even notice!

It was a really cute and small bookshop, just like the one from the movie. It's not the same location as the bookshop from the movie. The bookshop from the movie is a fictional bookshop but was based on this bookshop. I think we have spent almost an hour there, just looking and reading parts of all the different books. In the movie it is a travel bookshop, but this is actually a normal bookshop but it does have a big travel section.

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost about our day in Notting Hill!

If you have been there too, let me know! Love to read about your experiences :)


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