Sunday, 5 April 2015

Biggest pillow fight ever!

Yesterday I had planned to go to Covent Garden and the Jubilee market. I have been in Covent Garden at night time but it looked like a really fun place so I wanted to check it out on day time as well. But I thought, you know what, I'm going to take the tube to Leicester Square and I just walk to Covent Garden from there so I can also see the city a little bit. And I'm so glad I did!

I walked towards Trafalgar Square and I saw some people carrying pillows. Hmm okay. But the closer I came to Trafalgar Square, the more crowded it became. I was sending snapchats to my friends "Trafalgar Square is reaaaly crowded today! Wonder what's going on!" but then I saw more people carrying pillows so I got a bit confused and decided to check out what was going on.

I had no idea what I saw. Everyone was in a pillow fight. What?! Yes a pillow fight! I asked a guy why everyone was pillow fighting, and he told me "because its fun". Okay fair enough, Im in. People started hitting me with pillows so I grabbed the first pillow I saw on the ground and started hitting random people. I even had a pillow fight with spider man! 

It was soooo much fun! Everybody was laughing and I couldn't stop laughing either, it was so random and so much fun. Some even came in their pyjamas! But not much later my pillow died (all the filling came out) And people were like: Oh noooo!! you're pillow!! Tip: don't wear lipgloss when you're pillow fighting, the filling will stick on your lips haha. I wish my friends from the Netherlands were there too, that would have been the best thing ever. 
I also posted a video of the pillow fight on my Instagram you can check it out here

I looked it up later on the internet and apparently it was International Pillow Fight day and took place all over the world. And now I wonder: why didn't I know about this before?! 
The man below was very fanatic and won the fight with the girl also on the photo and he was like "I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!"

An hour or so later I continued my journey to Covent Garden. It was kinda funny because you could see who was in the pillow fight as some people (including myself) still had fillings in their hair.

There were a lot of street artists around Covent Garden which was really fun to watch so in the end I actually didn't spent that much time in the Jubilee market at all. 

And that's why I love London, you'll never know what is going to happen and there is so much life around. I love days like these, you plan something, but you end up doing so much more, or something even better than what you had planned.


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