Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Instagram Lately: Vol. 1

I'm absolutely in love with life here in London, the city, the people, the buildings, the parks, the museums, I just want to capture everything so I can look back at it when I'm back in the Netherlands.
My life in London has also been very busy lately, especially now my internship project became more important. I haven't really talked about it on my blog but I'm working on a short film/promotion video for the video production company I'm working for.
Finding time (and space) to sit down and write blogposts became a little harder over the last month. (But I'm working on several blogposts so don't worry, blogposts are coming!) But if you want to know what I'm up to, then make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter because I have been updating those more lately. :)

I love reading 'Insta Lately' on SCATTERBRAIN because I get to know her a little bit better so that inspired me to do this series as well, where I can share my stories behind my Instagram photos and hopefully you get to know me a little bit better as well!

Here is what I shared on my instagram lately:

From left to right and top to bottom:

1. Meeting Victoria from Inthefrow
I spent my Sunday walking around Brick Lane (East London) with a friend, and so was Victoria from inthefrow.com apparently! I saw her multiple times before I said hi to her, I think we were walking the same route haha. She was really sweet and afterwards she also sent me a tweet saying that it was lovely meeting me. (yay!) And when I went home, she took the same train as me and also had to switch trains at the same station. Such a coincidence, hopefully she didn't think I was following her or something!

2. Art at Brick Lane
This is one of the many incredible wall/street art I saw this Sunday around Brick Lane and Shoreditch.

3. First time eating ramen
I met some Japanese people a few weeks ago, and since then they have been telling me a lot about the  Japanese culture and food, and they also introduced me to ramen! It was at the market in Brick Lane, and I really loved it. ^^

4. W hotel Leicester square
I went to the W hotel with some of my friends to have some drinks on Saturday. This place looks so fancy and pretty! I love all those disco balls! They also have a reaaaaally big one in one of the rooms.

5. Graffiti workshop
I went to a graffiti workshop at the London West Bank Gallery in Notting Hill. I came up with the tag name Valz as you can see! It was actually a lot harder then I thought, but this is the result. :)

6. Cocktails in Shoreditch
One of my best friends from the Netherlands came to visit me and this was on her last night here. We had drinks in Shoreditch (East London) with people we met that week. It had been such a great week, I was a bit sad that she had to leave already...

7. Photo Booth
My friend was here to visit me and we met some really kind people the first day she was here. Two guys from Japan, one girl from the Philippines and a guy form America. We had so much fun with them that week so these photos mean a lot to me. They were made in a photo booth at the W hotel.

8. Lush at Oxford Street
Lush recently opened it's biggest Lush shop ever here in London. My friend had never been in a Lush shop before so I had to show her this magical world called Lush. The shop is huuuuge! They have everything in almost every size you can imagine! They also have a perfume tour, where this photo was taken.

9. Timelapses West London
I made some time-lapses in West London for the project I'm working on. It was the first time I made a time-lapse but it turned out pretty great!

10. Earls Court
A photo of some houses near Earl's Court. Sometimes I just love to walk around, listen to music and make photos. This is one of those photos.

11. Natural History Museum
I love the museums here in London, the Natural History Museum in Kensington is definitely one of my favourites. It does not only have a big section full of stones, gems and diamonds, but it also looks a bit like Hogwarts inside!

12. St. James Park
One of the many beautiful parks here in London. This park also has a lot of friendly birds, ducks and squirrels!

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