Sunday, 28 June 2015

Street art in East London

London knows many different neighbourhoods like for example Camden and Notting Hill which I have talked about before. Shoreditch and Brick Lane in East London are also definitely places you must see in London. I know I say this about almost every area in London, but I absolutely love this part of London. It's a great place to find offline inspiration because you're surrounded by a lot of art, unique shops like the Cereal Killer Cafe, a lot of vintage shops and people who know how to dress edgy and look absolutely amazing.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Instagram Lately: Vol. 2

Hello everyone! Welcome to my second Instagram Lately! As some of you probably already know, I love to capture moments in pictures. So instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms because we can all share our special moments with each other. :) Last month was a really good month for me, not only because it finally started to look like summer, but also because there were many great moments!
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