Monday, 15 June 2015

Instagram Lately: Vol. 2

Hello everyone! Welcome to my second Instagram Lately! As some of you probably already know, I love to capture moments in pictures. So instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms because we can all share our special moments with each other. :) Last month was a really good month for me, not only because it finally started to look like summer, but also because there were many great moments!

Here is what I shared on my instagram lately. Below I will tell you more about the stories behind these photos!

From left to right and top to bottom:

1. Deadlines are coming!
This is what my view looked like the last couple of days. I've spent a lot of hours in Starbucks writing several documents. My internship almost came to an end, which means I have to write tons of documents for my study... pfff

2. Westminster by night
I wanted to see the beautiful Westminster by night just one more time before I'm going back to the Netherlands. This view never gets old.

3. Victoria and Albert museum
I love going to museums here in London. They are not only very interesting, but most of them are also free! Recently I went to the Victoria and Albert museum in Kensington. The building and architecture is so incredible! Definitely a must see here in London.

4. Hyde park
A photo I took of the Serpentine in Hyde park a little while ago but oddly enough forgot to post it back then. I love hyde park, lately I've spent a lot of time there enjoying the sun. :)

5. Lush
So my friend back in the Netherlands is OBSESSED with Lush. We went to Lush several times last year when we went to London for a few days.
In the big new store in Oxford street are a lot of products which are only available there. It is also cheaper here in the UK compared to the Netherlands so my friend gave me a loooong list of products and asked me if I could buy them for here. Luckily a really sweet girl at the Lush store (who also spoke dutch!) helped me to find all the products (I don't think I could have done it without here since the store is so big). She also gave me the Intergalactic bath bomb as a present for me. So sweet! I can't wait to try it, it smells so goooood! But I have to wait until I'm back in the Netherlands because I don't have a bath here unfortunately.

6. Raphael Luther
A few months ago I met Raphael Luther, a very talented musician, at a party/gig. I told him that I take photos and a few weeks ago he asked me if I could take photos for him at some of his performances. It was my first time taking photos for a band but it was really fun to do and the photos turned out well. :)
I think he is a really talented musician so you should definitely check him out. One of my favourite songs is Us and Them.

7. Meeting Jim again at the SPY premiere
I first met Jim with Tanya in Whole Foods in my first week living in London.  At the SPY world premiere I met Jim again and he said he remembered me whoo! He did a really good job being the host of the premiere.

So you know, it was just a normal day, working on my project on my laptop at home... getting distracted by my phone and snapchat so I opened a snap from Jim Chapman where he said he will be the host at the SPY world premiere that night. And I was like... wait... JUDE LAW is in that movie! (I have a big crush on Jude Law, I don't care what the movie is about, as long as Jude Law is in it I'm watching it) So I almost broke my laptop when I threw it away, took a shower, and went to Leicester Square to the Odeon cinema as fast as I could. I had no idea where I had to go to but I saw a good spot close to the red carped so I was like aw yeah I got myself a good spot. But then a security guy came to me: "Do you have a number?" "No? okay you can queue over there then." *pointing at a very long queue*
But in the end I did manage to get a good spot. I've never been to a premiere this big before, it was so much fun! And I saw Jude Law and got he's autograph whoohoo!
I also saw the movie SPY a few weeks later and I thought it was really funny. I love Jason Statham's character, so funny.

9. Blogilates in London
Cassy Ho from Blogilates did a meet up here in London. I didn't make it to the workout class but I did make it to the meet and greet. There were so many people! I had to wait for 3 hours to finally meet her. I met the girl on the left in the queue and she was so sweet, so we decided to go on the photo together. Cassy Ho was a lot smaller in real life then I thought. She was really kind and excited to meet everyone, just like in her videos.

10. Brighton
I've been wanting to go to Brighton ever since I moved to London but I wanted to wait unit the weather was a bit nicer. I made a blogpost about my day in Brighton and you can check it out here.

11. Making a time lapse of The Gherkin
I made a time lapse of The Gherkin for a promotion video the video production company I'm working for made for a company in East London. I forgot the remote so I had to do it manually whoops. But the result looks good!

12. A secret garden in London
I recently found this incredible garden in North London called the Pergola and the Hill gardens. Apparently not that many people seem to know about it since it's a little hard to find so it's like a secret garden here in London. I did a blogpost about this garden and you can check it out here.

Hope you liked my little stories behind my instagram photos and until next time! :)



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