Sunday, 19 July 2015

A day in Cambridge

As I wrote in my blogpost 'a day in Bath', I travelled around England a little bit after my internship in London. Another city I visited was Cambridge, a city in the east of England famous for it's university and also the city where Pink Floyd came from! 
The university has many colleges which are spread all over the city. Unfortunately the colleges were closed to visitors the day I visited, because of the examination period. But now I have another reason to come back! The colleges look so beautiful on the outside, I'm really curious how it will look on the inside. It reminds me a bit of movies and series like Harry Potter and Game of Thornes. (which I love!) I love the historical things like the big wooden doors, the gates, the wooden notice boards, and the historical architecture in general. How great would it be to study in these beautiful buildings?
You can really tell that Cambridge is a student city by all the students walking around and the bicycles all over the city. 
Cambridge is also a city with a lot of green and nature. The River Cam runs through the city and past the colleges. There are also punting tours available on this river which take you past the famous Cambridge landmarks. 

I took so many photos this day because there was so much beauty around me. I made a selection of photos that I loved the most, and I have put them all in this post for you. Enjoy! ♥︎

I really want to go back to Cambridge one day to learn more about the history and to explore the city, the colleges and the museums a bit more. It's impossible to see everything in one day unfortunately.

Have you ever been to Cambridge? :)


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