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My favourite spots in London

I've said this so many times but I LOVE London! And I've been so lucky to be able to live here for 5 months. In that time I tried to see as much of London as possible, but I still think that there is much more to discover than what I have already seen. I bought a little London notebook in Amsterdam just before I moved to London and in London I wrote down all the places that I loved in this book. These places include my favourite spots to relax, places with good memories and spots where you have a beautiful view of the city. And today I want to share these spots with you!

Piccadilly circus

Piccadilly circus is one of my absolute favourite places in London, especially at night when it looks like this. I always call it the Time Square of London because it also has big commercial screens (not visible in this photo though).  At daytime this place is filled with people, especially tourists. I loved to have a little break here and just watch the people around me, or the street artists! There is always something happening at this place. From here you can also see the famous shopping street Regent street. Soho, Chinatown and a lot of great clubs and pubs are just around the corner, so Piccadilly Circus was often my meeting point before going out with friends. I probably love this place the most at 5am because it looks just the same as on the photo above, but then with only a few people there! I think it is pretty cool to be in one of the most crowded places in London when there is almost nobody there. It's like you have the city for yourself.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of my favourite spots because it's the perfect place to have a drink in the afternoon or evening. A lot of street artists perform on this square and there are also cute markets here! And I just love the balconies, so cute.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is a square close to Piccadilly, Leicester Square and Covent Garden. The reason why I love this spot is because they know how to use it! They use this spot for a lot of events like for example Chinese New Year, a pillow fight, and recently I've also been to West End Live here. And when there is no event, then this still a great place to chill. ;) You can also see the Big Ben from here!

Pergola & Hill Gardens

Pergola and Hill gardens is a 'secret garden' in North London close to Hampstead Heath. This place is so beautiful so it's not crazy that this place is also used for a lot of wedding and fashion photos. Not many people I spoke to about it seemed to know this place though. I think because it's hard to find when you don't know about it. It is a 10 min walk from Hampstead tube station (google maps helped me find it). I also wrote a blogpost about it which you can check out here

Hyde park

Probably one of the most known parks of London is Hyde Park. It's a huuuuge park in the centre of London. This park has a lot of beautiful plants and flowers and they maintain it really well. I love this park, especially this little square. This park was really close to where I lived so I loved to have lunch or breakfast here. They also transform Hyde Park into Winter Wonderland every winter. 

St pauls cathedral

St Pauls Cathedral is a huge building in the centre of London. I love this spot just in front of the entrance. Just look how beautiful it is! I love to sit here to read a book, or just to enjoy the view. I always feel so inspired here. 

South bank & Westminster

I love the South bank and Westminster, especially at night just before it gets dark and when the city lights up. 

Kyoto garden

Kyoto garden is a little garden in Holland Park. It was a gift from Kyoto for the long friendship between them and Great Britain. This garden is in the style of a Japanese garden and also has a little waterfall which you can see in the background of this photo. This garden is so peaceful and it is a great place to relax or read a book! 

Hampstead heath

Hampstead Heath is a huuuuge park in North London. Walking there makes me feel like I'm in the country side again. You can also swim in the ponds there, but my favourite spot in this park is this spot on top of a hill where you have the view of the city. This spot is even better at night when the whole city is lights up. I posted a photo of this spot at night on my instagram which you can check out here

Regent Park

London has many beautiful parks. One of my favourites is Regent Park. Regent park is also a huge, beautiful and well maintained park where you can do lots of activities as well. 

Portobello Road

I love this spot in London because of all the beautiful colourful houses here. Walking on this road always makes me happy. This is also a great place to take (fashion) photos!

Kensington garden

Kensington Garden is a park next to Hyde park and also very close to where I lived in London. I remember my first weekend after moving to London, I walked around the area where I lived and I sat down in this park and I felt so peaceful and happy. The weather was also really beautiful that day. 

Hanbury street

Hanbury Street (just a few meters away from Brick Lane) is one of my favourite spots because of this incredible wall art! I know that they change wall art from time to time, but I hope that they will keep this wall as it is now for a long time. By the way, this wall looks smaller on the photo then it is in real life. I also did a blogpost about the street art in East London which you can check out here.

The Natural History museum (at night)

When I came from South Kensington I often chose to just walk home instead of taking the bus or tube because I loved seeing the Natural History museum at night all light up like this! 

221B Baker Street

"The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street ;)"
No need to say more right?

Golden Jubilee Bridge

I love the view from the Golden Jubilee bridge because you can see several London landmarks. From this side you can see St Pauls Cathedral and the Gherkin for example. From the other side you can see the Big Ben and the London eye. 

Outwich Street

I love this spot because you have the perfect view of the Gherkin! I also used this spot for a time-lapse of the Gherkin which is used for a promotion video for a company. 

Victoria Street

I love this spot because of all the high buildings which reminds me a little bit of New York!

Leicester Square

Leicester square is in between Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgrar square. There are multiple cinemas here and this is also where big premieres take place. I love this place because so many great actors have been here! This is also the place where I (quickly) met Jude Law at the SPY premiere. (read more about the premiere in Instagram Lately: Vol. 2)


I love Camden town, the buildings, the people, the market, everything! I love this spot where I took this photo because you have a good overview of the colourful houses and of course the graffitti on the wall which says: "Welcome to Camden". I also wrote a blogpost about my first time in Camden town which you can check out here.

 Earls Court Gardens

This is the road where I lived in London. I love this spot because it reminds me of a lot of memories.  For example the first day I walked to the tube station to go to work, or the times I came home early in the morning after a great party, or daily things like when I got back from the supermarket! It just reminds me of my life in London in general. 

Trebovir Road

This is the road where I walked daily to go to the bus station or to the overground station. I love the orange houses here. When I walked here, I dreamed of how it would be to live in one of those houses one day. On the right side was also a privet garden which reminded me of the garden at the end of the movie Notting Hill. 

Balcony at Tate modern

The balcony of Tate modern is one of my favourite spots because look at this view!! I also love the millennium bridge which you can see from here. This bridge is also used in Harry Potter and the half blood prince.

Exhibition road square

The square on the Exhibition Road in Kensington is one of my favourite spots because this is a great place to have breakfast lunch or dinner. It's not as crowded or filled with tourists as other places in London so you're more secure of a seat, and there is less noise here. 

Entrance to China town

I love China Town in general, but I especially love the entrance because of this beautiful gate! I took this photo when it was Chinese New Year so it was even more decorated. I also wrote a blogpost about Chinese New Year in London which you can check out here


Shoreditch (east London) is one of my favourite spots because of the atmosphere here. There is a lot of street art around and I've spent several Sundays here with friends. This is also my favourite place to eat Sunday Roast! My favourite spot here is probably the 'entrance' to Shoreditch from Shoreditch High Street, because it always gives me that Welcome to Shoreditch feeling and this is also were I would meet my friends. I also love the fence with locks which you can find on the right side when you walk outside Shoreditch High Street.

I would love to know what your favourite spots are in London! Let me know in the comments :)



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