Monday, 17 August 2015

Instagram lately: Vol. 4

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Instagram lately where I share the stories behind my Instagram photos of the last month. I've been so busy the last few weeks, I've been working a lot as receptionist and as a waitress and I also did a little photo shoot for an entertainment company. Busy busy busy. I haven't done that many fun things this last month compared to my previous posts but I hope you still enjoy this month's Instagram Lately!

What I've shared on my Instagram:

1. Relaxing at 'het Wekeromse zand'
I live in the country side of the Netherlands and very close to my house is this beautiful place called 'Het Wekeromse zand' and it's like one big sandpit in the forest. Normally I go to this place to take photos (see nr. 12) but this day, me and my sister went here to enjoy the sun and relax!

2. Flowers
There is not much to say about this photo, it's just a photo of some flowers in our garden which I think look really pretty. I sometimes just grab my camera and take random photos of things in our garden. This is one of those photos.

3. Summer Festival in Nijmegen
Every year there is the four days marches in Nijmegen where people from all over the world come to Nijmegen to walk in the city and it's surroundings. It's a big happening and they celebrate it 7 days long in Nijmegen known as the Nijmegen Summer Festival. The whole city is transformed into one big party with different stages and there is music everywhere. This photo was taken at 'Matrixx at the Park' which is one of the biggest and most popular stages at the Summer Festival.

4. Hen party Marielle
My friend Marielle is getting married in September and we surprised her with a hen party! Of course she knew she would have a hen party but she didn't know when or what would happen so it was a lot of fun when we surprised her! This photo was taken at the cocktail workshop at night in Arnhem when we got our welcome drink. The workshop was a lot of fun and I made my own Cosmopolitan (because I love sex and the city haha). After that it was time to partaaaay!
I'm the girl on the bottom left by the way. :) (In case you didn't recognise me)

5. BBQ in our garden
One of the things that I love the most in summer is BBQ'ing in our garden with a real fire. Unfortunately it's still raining very often here in the Netherlands, so those times when the weather is nice in the evening, we just have to make a campfire.

6. Relaxing in the hammock
Another thing I love in summer is relaxing in the hammock and enjoying the sun! This photo was taken the Sunday after the hen party so this was the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday.

7. Koffie & Koffie
Two of my best friends and I went to my favourite coffee place 'koffie & koffie' after I heard that I need to have a surgery to remove a breast lump called a fibroadenoma. It's nothing too special and a lot of girls my age get it apparently. I've never had a surgery before so I'm a little nervous but it's gonna be alright. :)

8. Our garden
I love spending time in our garden when the sun is out. After I lived in London, I started to appreciate the space that I have at my parents house here in the Netherlands so much more. On this photos you can see our sheep. We also have a donkey!

9. Old photo of me and my sister
Me and my younger sister found a box full of old photos of us at my mum's house. I really love this one, I think me and my sister look so adorable. It's taken at a holiday in France, which were always my favourite holidays.

10. Crystal & Cactus
Two things I can never have enough of: crystals and cactuses. I recently bought this amethyst in a shop called DecoCasa in Aalten, a little town in the Netherlands. I wanted to have an amethyst like this for a long time, and this one is just perfect. It's big, in a very good condition, dark purple and it was quite cheap as well!

11. Sunset
Me and my sister were having dinner and suddenly the sun made this beautiful light at the forest so I was like I neeed to take a photo! By the time I had my camera ready the beautiful light disappeared... but a few minutes later it came back so I took a photo just in time! And this is the result. I took a few photos and I also posted one on my tumblr which you can check out here.

12. Het Wekeromse zand
This photo which I took of my sister, was taken in the beginning of July but I hadn't posted it on my Instagram yet. It's taken at the same spot as where we relaxed in the sun. (see nr. 1) The view from this bench is just so beautiful, you can look really far away and all you can see is sand and tree's.

Hope you enjoyed reading this month's Instagram lately!

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