Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Showing my Japanese friends the Netherlands | Part 2

Hello everyone! Welcome to part two of my posts about my week spent with my Japanese friends here in my home country, the Netherlands! In the first few days me and my friend showed them where we live and our lives here in general. On the third day we did something we had been talking about for a long time, going to Amsterdam together! I was not only very excited to show them our capital city, but I was also very excited to spent a day in a bigger city again because I miss the city life a little bit. Since Naoya is a painter, we thought that it would be fun to also show them one of Hollands most famous painting museums based in Amsterdam: Het Rijksmuseum.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Showing my Japanese friends The Netherlands | Part 1

When I lived in London, I met so many amazing and inspiring people from all over the world and today I want to introduce you to two of them: Naoya and Naoki! Naoya and Noaki are both from Tokyo (Japan) but they are currently based in London. Naoki is a chef in London and Naoya travels around the word with his art works. I met them in a bar when my friend Elke came to visit me in London and we got along really well. We've had so much fun together in London but unfortunately there always comes a time when you have to say goodbye. They promised us that they would visit us in the Netherlands around Summer, and so they did!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Valerie Randomness turns 1 + 25 facts about me

Today is exactly one year ago that I posted my first blogpost on Valerie Randomness YAY! I've really enjoyed blogging so far and I hope to continue doing it for many more years! I would have never thought that people would actually read my stuff to be honest, I remember getting my first comment and I was like "SOMEBODY ACTUALLY READ MY POST" yeah.... Well anyway, I want to thank everybody who has been so nice about my blog it really makes me happy and I hope my blog makes you happy too. :)

I thought it would be fun to give you a little more information about me, Valerie, the creator of this blog. So here are some random facts about me. And as always, enjoy ♥︎
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