Sunday, 20 September 2015

Showing my Japanese friends The Netherlands | Part 1

When I lived in London, I met so many amazing and inspiring people from all over the world and today I want to introduce you to two of them: Naoya and Naoki! Naoya and Noaki are both from Tokyo (Japan) but they are currently based in London. Naoki is a chef in London and Naoya travels around the word with his art works. I met them in a bar when my friend Elke came to visit me in London and we got along really well. We've had so much fun together in London but unfortunately there always comes a time when you have to say goodbye. They promised us that they would visit us in the Netherlands around Summer, and so they did!

Last week Naoya flew from Tokyo and Naoki from London to spend a week with us here in the Netherlands. They have both never been in the Netherlands before so me and my friend Elke wanted to show them some of the best parts of this tiny country, and our lives here in general. It was an amazing week and we have done so many things and I took many many photos (as always).
In the next couple of blogposts I will show you these photos and tell you about all the things we did and maybe you'll learn a little more about the Netherlands as well!

Arriving in the Netherlands
Unfortunately I couldn't pick them up from the airport because I had to present the result of my internship project at school. (and I passed yay!) But luckily my friend Elke was there to pick them up. They travelled to my house by train and they already loved the view from the window in the train which you can see below. It's so funny to see how people from other countries react to something which seems so normal to me. 

Naoya brought us candy from Japan including Green Tea KitKat which is so yummy!
You can also buy Green Tea KitKat in London for about 15-18 pounds which is super expensive but in Japan they are only a few pounds.

Noaya and Noaki stayed in our guest house which is next to our sheep and donkey, who were also very curious about our new guests. 

On the first night, Elke and I baked typical Dutch pancakes. It's super easy to make and it tastes very good. We also made a few with bacon and cheese! Mmmm...

Walking with my favourite dog Tenshi at 'het wekeromse zand'.
On the next day I had to go to school for an hour so I brought Naoya and Naoki with me so they can see where I study! Afterwards we picked up Elke and her dog Tenshi to walk at 'Het Wekeromse Zand' which is one of my favourite places here and only 10 minutes away from where I live! It's a unique place here in the Netherlands and around this time of year you'll find a lot of purple heather plants here. We also celebrate it here in Ede at the end of August and we call it 'De Heide week' with purple as it's theme colour.

In the evening we went to a Japanese sushi restaurant in Veenendaal called Kiyoshi. Even though not everything was traditional Japanese, they approved this restaurant and said that the sushi was great and better than the sushi in London. (but obviously not better than the sushi in Japan)

Night life in Arnhem
Afterwards we went to Arnhem, the city where I study, to show them the night life there because every Thursday night it's full with students who are looking for a party! But before we went to a club, we went to my favourite bar called 'The Move' where we played some games and had some drinks.

This was the beginning of our week spend together! In my next posts I will tell you all about our day in Amsterdam, The Kröller Müller Museum, the Netherlands Open Air Museum and more!

To be continued...

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