Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Showing my Japanese friends the Netherlands | Part 2

Hello everyone! Welcome to part two of my posts about my week spent with my Japanese friends here in my home country, the Netherlands! In the first few days me and my friend showed them where we live and our lives here in general. On the third day we did something we had been talking about for a long time, going to Amsterdam together! I was not only very excited to show them our capital city, but I was also very excited to spent a day in a bigger city again because I miss the city life a little bit. Since Naoya is a painter, we thought that it would be fun to also show them one of Hollands most famous painting museums based in Amsterdam: Het Rijksmuseum.

I live about one hour away from Amsterdam but there were so many errors with the trains that day so the journey to Amsterdam took a bit longer then usual. 

Waiting at the train station Ede-Wageningen for our train!

Drinking coffee and eating some of the Japanese candy in the train, that our friends gave! I love the one on the photo below: it's tiny sushi and tastes like gummy bears!

I also brought this cute little Pikachu with me, that they got us from Japan, because I think it looks cute in photos! So you're gonna see this little fella popping up in more photos in this post. hehe

We finally made it to Amsterdam whoo! And the weather was absolutely amazing as you can see. 

Welcome to The Rijksmuseum! I just love this gate entrance. 

Ever since I visited modern art museum Centre Pompidou last year in Paris, I wanted to visit more museums because it gives me so much new inspiration and motivation to do more with art and design. I visited a lot of museums in London as well because most of them have free entry. Unfortunately the Rijksmuseum isn't free but if you're into art and want to know more about Dutch art and artists then you should definitely check this museum out. 
The Rijksmuseum shows a lot of the Dutch history and paintings of famous Dutch painters as Rembrandt van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer.

Noaya has a lot of interest in Dutch art styles so he already knew a lot about it. Dutch art also had a big influence in the history of art in general.
Noaya also told me about different painting techniques and styles which I found very interesting. 

Below is a photo of one of Rembrandt's most famous paintings 'The Night Watch". It's a huge painting with a lot of details and it looks as if the people are actually moving. 

When I was in high school I attended art class and I recognised a lot of the paintings in this museum from that class. It's funny that Naoya also learned about some the same things when he went to art school in Japan. 

I also find names of paintings quite funny because most of the time it's literally what's in the painting and it can sounds really dry like "angry looking man" or "plate with apples".

The library below looked so pretty! I love mysterious old looking libraries, probably because of Harry Potter. This library inside the museum reminded me of the library in Harry Potter. I wish I could just sit down and read a book here. 

Afterwards we went to see more of the city Amsterdam like the Dam square, Leidserplein, the red light district, China town, the 9 streets and some other streets and squares. 

In this little cheese shop you can taste all kinds of cheese! So as a cheese addict, I loved this shop and I had to taste all the flavours. They even have green wasabi flavoured cheese!

We found this cute cat inside a small oriental super market.

Waiting for the tram...

We were strolling around my favourite part of Amsterdam 'the 9 streets', looking for an Italian restaurant but we couldn't find one. A local helped us and he was such a funny and kind man and he recommended us 'La Festa'.

This little Italian restaurant was so great! The woman who helped us was so kind. The restaurant didn't look that fancy, but it felt like we were eating at a friends' house and it seemed like the people who worked in the restaurant already knew a lot of their costumers. It just had a really cosy and nice atmosphere. And my spinach pizza was soooo delicious! So I highly recommend this place to you! :)

Afterwards we strolled around the 9 streets again to see some more of the night life. I loved the atmosphere so much, the lights, the music, chatting people, the canals, I just love it. Amsterdam is one of the city's where I can see myself living one day. :)

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam or the Rijksmuseum?

Two more parts to come!


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