Saturday, 5 September 2015

Valerie Randomness turns 1 + 25 facts about me

Today is exactly one year ago that I posted my first blogpost on Valerie Randomness YAY! I've really enjoyed blogging so far and I hope to continue doing it for many more years! I would have never thought that people would actually read my stuff to be honest, I remember getting my first comment and I was like "SOMEBODY ACTUALLY READ MY POST" yeah.... Well anyway, I want to thank everybody who has been so nice about my blog it really makes me happy and I hope my blog makes you happy too. :)

I thought it would be fun to give you a little more information about me, Valerie, the creator of this blog. So here are some random facts about me. And as always, enjoy ♥︎

25 random facts about me
1. I'm the only one with blue eyes in my family. My mom, dad and my sister all have dark brown eyes.

2. I've never smoked or used drugs, and I have never been (super) drunk. (But I do like to drink cocktails and wine! "A Cosmopolitan please!")

3. Peter Pan is my favourite Disney movie of my childhood. As a kid, I always thought that if I tried hard enough, that I would one day be flying like Peter haha.

4. I rarely watch TV, I enjoy watching youtube so much more.

5. I got my drivers license when I was 18 at my second attempt and I have my own car now.

6. I had so many pimples as a teenager but my skin is finally looking smoother again, yay!

7. I have one sister, her name is Cecile and she is two years younger than me. She is very photogenic so I use her as a model in a lot of my photos.

8. My favourite TV show when I was a kid was Pokemon. I also played the games A LOT. I had pokemon yellow, fire red, sapphire, diamond, ranger, mystery dungeons blue & explorers of the sky.

9. I've never liked pasta or spaghetti. I don't know why but I just don't like it. I will eat it though, but I have never really enjoyed it.

10. I LOVE cheese. Every time I'm hungry, but I'm not sure what to eat, I end up eating cheese. It's a bad habit I know...

11. I've suffered with anxiety and panic attack's for a long time but I haven't had any attack in the past 4 years whoohoo!

12. I love stones and crystals and I have been collecting them for many years now.

13. I have a donkey, her name is Luna.

14. My favourite season is Autumn.

15. I'm not really into sweets and candy, I'm more a chocolate and cookies kind of person.

16. My height is 1.73 cm (5.7 feet) so I'm quite tall I guess.

17. I love cucumber, I can eat it with everything.

18. I can listen to the song 'Always' from Venice (the band) over and over again. It just makes me really calm.

19. I love to spend Sunday's in oversized shirts and without any make up on.

20. I applied to the Dutch Film School in Amsterdam when I was 18 and they asked me to come in for an interview. I didn't get in though... They online take 6 editors a year, but I did make it to the last 20 people, so it's something right?

21. You probably already know that I love to capture moments in photos, but I also film a lot for example at parties and vacations so I can make a video of it so I have something to look back on. I rarely post them online because I think it's too personal (I don't think the whole world needs to see me and my friends being silly) but I have posted my video of my short vacation in London on my blog last year. (see here)

22. I can play the guitar (a little) and I have two guitars of my own, an electric, and an acoustic one. I used to play together with my dad sometimes, but we both agree that we should play more.

23. I have been asked multiple times if I have ever been angry, because for some reason, some people don't think that I can get angry. But it is true that I rarely ever get angry though.

24. I've had one serious relationship of two years, but I'm currently single.

25. My best gay friend always calls me 'nose'. Some people have a weird obsession with my nose. I don't really mind though.

I hope you liked to get to know me a little bit better!
Until next time x

warm hugs,

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