Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How to give your photos a cosy autumn look

If you're like me and you love autumn and taking photos, then you have probably taken lots of photos this season! Autumn is my favourite season and I just love all the warm colours, orange leaves, the sunny days, and even the colder days too. I just want to capture all of these things that I love about autumn with my camera! Today I want to share with you my first post about how I edit my photos using photoshop and how you can give your autumn photos a nice cosy feeling in just a few easy steps!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Showing my Japanese friends the Netherlands | Part 4

Hi everyone, welcome back! (or welcome to my blog if you're new!) Today I want to share with you photos of our day at the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem where we went back in time and it was so much fun! The Netherlands Open Air Museum is a small town that represents different city's and towns of the Netherlands that take you back in time, from two centuries ago to present day. The people from the museum really seem to be from many years ago and they are just doing their everyday things in this little town, like knitting, working on their lands, feeding their animals and stuff like that. You can walk around, go inside houses, and experience the history of the Netherlands like you really went back in time.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Showing my Japanese friends the Netherlands | Part 3

After a great day in Amsterdam we had a more lazy day. We played Mario Kart on our Wii (which I haven't played in ages!) and I still can't believe that Naoya and Naoki have never played Mario Kart before. Noaya got really good after some practice, but he still can't beat me at Rainbow Road hehe. In the evening we went to a Dutch festival called Appelpop and later that night we went back to the citycentre to meet up with some of our friends to go out, have some drinks and to dance the night away!
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