Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Showing my Japanese friends the Netherlands | Part 4

Hi everyone, welcome back! (or welcome to my blog if you're new!) Today I want to share with you photos of our day at the Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem where we went back in time and it was so much fun! The Netherlands Open Air Museum is a small town that represents different city's and towns of the Netherlands that take you back in time, from two centuries ago to present day. The people from the museum really seem to be from many years ago and they are just doing their everyday things in this little town, like knitting, working on their lands, feeding their animals and stuff like that. You can walk around, go inside houses, and experience the history of the Netherlands like you really went back in time.

Naoya and Noaki really wanted to see a windmill and we finally saw one, no wait, 4! Or more!

The open air museum is quite big but you can easily walk around to see all the different parts, but it is a lot more fun to take the old-fashioned tram!


I loved the street with all the shops. It had several old-fashioned shops like a bakery and a sweets shop, just like how you would find them 'in the old days'. So cute. 

Me and my Dutch friend looooved the sweets shop, it had so many sweets that we used to eat when we were kids! Like 'thumb licorice' edible paper, salmiak, licorice root and more! Everything just looked so cute and it was so cheap! So we bought way more candy than we could eat. 

Trying these old bikes while eating our licorice root.

They also had a maze which reminded me of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire!

Eating 'pannenkoeken en poffertjes'. Mmmmm so yummie!

We also went inside a windmill! It was pretty big actually. It had different layers, and to get to the next layer you had to climb on a squeaking wooden stair. 

We also experienced some typical Dutch weather together: rain! (and thunder) So we sheltered in a random little house.

On the last evening, Naoya and Noaki cooked typical Japanese food for us! We went to the supermarket together and they bought soooo many things which made me really curious what they were about to cook. Below is the result and it was soooo good! Thanks again guys for this delicious dinner! :)

And that was the end of our week together unfortunately. I had an absolutely amazing time with them and it was so great to get to know them better and to show them around. I hope they had just as much fun as I did. And I hope you enjoyed reading these blogposts about it! :)

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