Sunday, 22 November 2015

a Lush tag

Let's talk about Lush today! Before I start answering the questions, I would like you to meet one of my best friends: Janka! Janka is my Lush obsessed friend who just started her own blog!!! She recently did a Lush tag and tagged me to do it too! We just went to Lush (twice) last week when we went shopping in Amsterdam and I'm actually writing this while having the 'Don't look at me' face mask on my face and it feels sooooo goood. So I'm feeling really relaxed and in the mood to talk about Lush. Okay well let's start with the questions shall we!

How did you get into Lush?

I remember my very first time in a Lush shop, it was in the beginning of autumn in the year 2011. I was in London for the first time with my dad and we went inside this 'soap shop' at Regent Street, which I thought smelled really nice. And well, the rest is history. But the main reason I got into Lush so much was because of my (Lush obsessed) friend Janka a few years after my first visit. She always keeps me up to date with all the new Lush products and trends, and Lush shopping with her is always fun.

How often do you go to Lush?

Every time I go shopping with my friend Janka! Maybe once a month? But when we go to Lush, we have to visit the store like 2 times at the same day.. or more.. haha.

What is your favourite product out of anything?

Oh gosh, this is so difficult! Seriously, how can anyone just choose one thing out of all their products?! I really love trying new products, and switching between products and scents and colors every time I use a bath, take a shower or clean my face. Pfff okay, if I have to choose one, I would pick the soap Ice Blue based on the majority of how much I used and repurchased it.

What is your favourite soap?

As I wrote in the previous answer it's Ice Blue. I love to use it after a workout because it makes me feel so fresh and clean. But I also really really love Sea Vegetable and Yog Nog which I bought last week. I would eat Yog Nog if it was eatable, it smells so delicious! Perfect for the holiday season as well. But there are many more that I haven't used before and really want to try! I wish I could just get a small piece of all the soaps so I could try a different one everyday.

What is your favourite bath ballistic?

Out of the ones I have tried: Intergalactic, which is the one on the left on the photo above! I got one for free the first time I went shopping in the store in Oxford Street and I have been in love with this bath bomb ever since. I bought one again last week and I can't wait to put it in my bath. I love the smell, the glitters and all the intergalactic colours! Definitely my favourite.

What is your favourite bubble bar?

I don't really have one particular favourite, I love Sunnyside, the Christmas one Holy Golightly, and Milky Bath. I have also used the Comforter. I like it, but I don't think I love it as much as most bloggers.

What is your favourite shower gel or shower jelly?

I haven't really used many shower gels and jellys yet, but the ones that I have tried and love are So White and Whoosh. I love the fresh scent of Whoosh, but I prefer the texture of a normal shower gel over a shower jelly.

What is your favourite hair or face care product?

I love the purple shampoo Daddy'o. It's so purple! And it makes my hair smell en feel so nice. Face products that I really love are Angels on Bare Skin and Ocean Salt. I also really love the blue face mask Don't look at me which I have just rinsed of my face. My gosh my skin feels so nice now! I got a tester, but I think I'm going to get this one because I still have 5 empty pots in my room, and this face mask is just awesome.

Your go to product(s) in the morning?

Angels on Bare skin to get a fresh clean face and Dream Cream for soft and moisturised hands. 

A product you regret buying?

Not really actually, so far, everything that I tried felt or smelled really nice. :) 

If you could invent your own Lush product, what would it be?

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I just watch the third movie again and if I could invent my own Lush product I would make a bath bomb inspired by a Patronus. It would be in the shape of a deer, light blue with silver glitters and it would have the smell of intergalactic combined with Big Blue. (another bath bomb I really love because of the smell)

I'm not sure about you, but I'm so excited to take a bath right now! 
What are YOUR favourite Lush products?


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