Thursday, 31 December 2015

Highlights of 2015 in photos

For the first time, it doesn't really feel like the year flew by as fast as it normally does, probably because I've spent half of the year in London and so much has happened/changed, mostly good things though! I also took a lot more photos this year compared to last year and I want to share some of these photos with you today! Last year I said that I wanted to be more creative in 2015 and I accomplished that! I've also been more creative with my school projects and documents which helped me to get some really good grades this year. Hopefully I will be able to create more, and do more creative things in 2016 as well (and hopefully make some money out of it too!) but my main resolution for this year is to not wait for opportunities to happen, but to create more myself. Hopefully I will graduate from University this year and to be honest, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do after I graduate. As long as I can do something creative, and I'm not stuck in my room at home or in an office the whole time, then I'm happy! But without further ado, here are some of my favourite highlights from 2015!

Building a snowman
Some friends of mine stayed at my place, and when we woke up, we saw that it was snowing! So of course we had to build a snowman. :) I really hope it will snow in 2016 too.

Playing board games in the middle of the night
This was just before I moved to London and I didn't want to say goodbye to my awesome friends because I was going to miss hanging out with them so much.

Moving to London
After dreaming about it for so long, this year my dream finally became reality and I moved to London!

Working in a video production company
I've spent a big part of this year doing my internship in a video production company in west London and I'm still glad that I took this opportunity. I've learned a lot and even though it didn't always go right, I definitely had a fun time working there. Oh and it might look like I'm doing nothing in this photo but I'm actually shooting some B-roll footage on the 5D camera haha.

Strolling around in London with my sister
I had such a great time with my sister when she came to visit me in London. It was also the first time I went to the market in Notting Hill

Chinese New Year at Trafalgar Square
My sister and I also went to the Chinese New Year celebration at Trafalgar Square!

Pillow fight day
The pillow fight at Trafalgar Square was so random and so much fun! Definitely a highlight of my time in London! 

St Patrick's day
I wish we celebrated it in the Netherlands just as much as in the UK. :)

That night at the W hotel
You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. ♥︎

Going to the casino in the middle of the night
... and making 30 pounds out of 10 pounds! Whoohoo!

Saturday nights in London
Cocktails, huge disco balls, drinking out of disco balls, live music, ping pong tables, amazing views, amazing people.. yes Saturday nights in London can be truly amazing. 

Meeting some amazing people!
Meeting Blogilates, Jim Chapman and Inthefrow!  

Spy world premiere
... and seeing Jude Law's chest hair from up close!! (and getting his autograph hehe) 

Lush Oxford Street
I went to the new HUGE Lush store when one of my best friends from the Netherlands came to visit me in London and this store is seriously Lush heaven! 

Brick lane market
Strolling around on a Sunday at the markets in Brick Lane was one of my favourite things to do in London. I also ate my very first ramen here!

Making photos for Raphael Luther
One thing that was on my list of things that I wanted to do in London was going to see some live music in a pub in London and that's also how I met Raphael, a talented singer/songwriter from Switzerland. I took photos for him at some of his gigs and hung out with him and his bandmates at their after party's and I really liked them. They were very kind and open minded and they reminded me of my friends from university. :)

I really wanted to go to Brighton and it's only 1 hour with a train from London! I really loved Brighton, I wish I lived near a sea. 

Visiting Cambridge with my mom
It's been so long since I've traveled with my mom! But this year we travelled around England a bit before I moved back to the Netherlands. You can see more of my day in Cambridge here

Visiting Bath
We also went to the beautiful city Bath and saw the Roman bath's

Summer days
It has been a beautiful summer this year with many sunny days! And what's a better way to spend a nice summer day than spending it with friends somewhere where there is water?

Shopping in Amsterdam
Or shopping with my sister in general!  

One of my favourite things to do in the summer is eating outside with friends and family. :) 

Mumford and Sons
 Seeing Mumford and Sons live in Nijmegen! It was such an amazing concert and it was so hot that day!

Beautygloss vriendinnen weekend
A lovely girly weekend away with one of my best friends at the event from the dutch beauty blogger/vlogger Beautygloss

Showing my Japanese friends the Netherlands
Showing my Japanese friends, who I met in London, the Netherlands was definitely one of the best highlights of this year! It was just so much fun! :)

Halloween in London
Spending Halloween in London with this cute Pikachu, my Japanese friends and other people!

Playgrounds festival
As I wrote in seven things I loved in November, I felt so inspired after going to the designer/animation festival Playgrounds in Amsterdam. 

Getting more photography work
2015 was also the year where I did more photography work! Hopefully I get even more photography work in 2016!! :)

Cologne Christmas Market
The Christmas markets in Cologne in Germany were so beautiful and festive!  

3FM Serious Request
Every year 3FM raises money for a charity and 3 DJ's of the radio station lock themselves up in the 'the glass house' for a week without food (only healthy smoothies). This year I went to the glass house for the first time and it was a lot of fun, the whole city is turned into one big party and everybody is trying to raise money for 3FM Serious Request. Next year it's going to be in the city where my sister lives so it's going to be even more fun!

Visiting Antwerp
Visiting Antwerp for the fist time, together with my sister the day before Christmas. :)

I hope you liked this post! If you did a similar post, please let me know, I would love to read it! :)

Happy New Year!
I wish you all a beautiful amazing 2016 with a lot of laughter, love, joy and inspiration!

Lots of love,

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