Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Magical Christmas Markets in Cologne, Germany

It's almost Christmaaaas!! Yay! Unfortunately that also means that the holiday season is almost over. :( I hope you're all enjoying it so far! One of my favourite things I love to do around this time of year, and what really gets me into the Christmas spirit, is strolling around Christmas Markets. This year I went to the Christmas markets in Cologne (Köln) in Germany for the first time and I think those markets might be the most beautiful and magical Christmas markets that I've ever been to!
Between the 23rd of November and the 23rd of December you can find several markets in the centre of Cologne, seven in total I believe. You can walk to the several markets but you can also take the special mini Christmas locomotive. You can find almost anything you could possible need for a magical Christmas at these markets. From the Christian Christmas stories, to Santa Claus and his elves and reindeers, to food, clothes, toys, modern decorations, and decorations my grandma used to have around Christmas. All the huts were also so well made with beautiful lights and moving decorations on them. Everything smelled and looked like Christmas and it made me so happy. It looked even more magical between all the beautiful castle looking buildings in Cologne. The only thing that didn't feel like Christmas was the weather. It was so hot! It has never been so warm before in December.

These stars lit up around night time and it looked so magical! 

Oh and there was a random ice cream on top of a building! Wonder what the story behind it is.

At night time we went to the cathedral of Cologne where the 'Weihnachtsmarkt am Köln Dom' was and I have never seen so many Christmas lights!

This year I'm going to Antwerpen the day before Christmas with my sister and I'm so excited! 
What are your plans for Christmas?

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you're all going to have an amazing and magical Christmas ♥︎

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