Sunday, 27 December 2015

Photos of my day in Antwerp

For Christmas I went to my sister in Breda for a few days, and since Breda isn't that far from the city Antwerp in Belgium, we decided to go there the day before Christmas. My sister and I are both a fan of shopping and wandering around in cities we haven't been before so this was a great way to spend a day together. I also like to photograph everything that gets my attention (what you probably already know by now) so in this post I want to share some of the photos that I took when we were in Antwerp!

It took us a little bit longer to get there... because we were standing at the wrong platform and we realised that 10 seconds before the right train left. Woops!  

Antwerp central train stations is huge! And the architecture is incredible, with so many beautiful details! 

Since I'm always the one who takes photos, you don't really see me that often in my photo diaries but here is a photo of me taking a photo!

I also came across my good friend Jude Law! haha

Time for shopping!

I love the architecture in Antwerpen!
 It reminds me a bit of Paris and London, but I don't know much about architecture so it might be just me.

There were also so many cute side streets. Me and my sister love side streets because you often find more unique shops and cosy cafe's there.

Our mission was to find the famous church without using google maps and we succeeded!

The squares in Antwerp were filled with Christmas markets, but they weren't as magical as the Christmas markets in Cologne though.

On the main square there was this thing (I don't know how to call it) made out of bamboo and you could walk underneath it. Oh and I love these lamps! I want one in my room haha!

Hot chocolate + a fireplace = :) :) :)

Look at that statue being fabulous! haha

There were also a lot more soldiers and policeman walking around because of what happened in Paris last month. 

(Belgian) Chocolate everywhere!

I love Antwerp so far! It the perfect city for shopping because it has sooooo many stores and shops! It is also a very beautiful city and I love the Belgian accent, it sounds so kind and sweet. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!

Have you ever been in Antwerp?



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