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Seven things I loved in December

Happy new year everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and that you had an amazing December. I was quite busy with school in December because my school project is coming to an end and the last weeks of a school project are always the busiest ones. But luckily I also had some time to do other things as well this month! I bought a few new things (especially Lush products) and in this post I tell you more about these things, and other things that I loved in December!

Collecting old photographs

For some reason I feel inspired by photos taken in a time when pictures weren't used for social media and likes. Maybe it has also got something to do that when I was younger, I always loved looking through my dad's old black and white photos from his childhood. 
When we were in Cologne, we found a shop in the city centre that had a whole section full of cards with old pictures on them. What I like about these cards, is that it also has the name of the photographer and the title of the photo on the back. My sister (who also loves to collect cards) found the cards that she liked really quickly, but I'm always really slow at these kind of things because I can't choose. These 5 cards are the ones I ended up buying and I also looked up the photographers to see what kind of photos they have made. I love that every photographer has their own style, and tells a story through a photograph in their own unique way. I think collecting random old photographs might be a new hobby of mine. It's a great way to find offline inspiration!

From left right and top to bottom:
John Stezaker - Pair IV
Claudia Cardinale - Essen, 1969
Candida Höfer - Kupferstich-Kabinett
Reinhart Wolf - Chrysler Building, New York, 1980
Benjamin Katz - Berlin Kladow, 1960

3FM Serious Request & Top 2000

I have to admit, I usually don't listen to the radio. I listen to music on Spotify and Soundcloud more often, but I make an exception in December because of 3FM Serious Request and the top 2000. Every year, the week before Christmas, 3FM raises money for a charity and 3 DJ's of the radio station lock themselves up in 'the glass house' for a week without food (only healthy smoothies). There are many activities and performances of famous musicians that week and you can also visit the glass house or watch everything online. This year I went to the glass house for the first time and it was a lot of fun! The whole city is filled with people, and everybody tries to raise money and people are queueing to donate money via the mailbox of the glass house. It might be a little hard to understand if you have never seen Serious Request, but it is just a lot of fun to watch and to listen too. This year they raised over 7 million euro's for people in conflict area's! Next year the glass house will be in the city where my sister lives so I'm already looking forward to that because at night time it's one big party with many famous DJ's. 

When Serious Request ends, I switch to Radio 2 because that's when the top 2000 starts! The top 2000 is a famous list here in the Netherlands that is put together by the listeners of Radio 2 and it ends at 12pm on New Years Eve. I love this list because it has some of the best music ever made including The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Beatles, Onerepublic, Pink Floyd, U2, Mumford and Sons, Adele, and even Justin Bieber and the Pokemon heme song made it to the list this year! I also love to hear about the stories and memories that people have with certain songs. 

Board games
This month I played old board games again after a long time and I forgot how much fun it is to play these games! We played Rummikub, The Settlers of Catan, and my favourite: Labyrinth! What is your favourite board game?


Backing up is so important! Especially when all your work and photos / videos are on your computer. One of my biggest fears is that my hard drive crashes and I lose everything. I used to have the G-Drive with 1 TB but it was almost full so I got the G-Drive with 4 TB from G-Technology. This is a newer version and it doesn't make as much noise as my old hard drive and it is also smaller! 

Notebooks + Erasable notebook

When I'm working on my computer, I always make notes on small pieces of paper because writing things down helps me to stay organised. Since my deadlines are getting closer, my desk is filling up with all these small pieces of paper, which makes it really hard to find the right piece of paper when I need it. So my dad bought me this erasable / reusable notebook from Bambook and I'm SO HAPPY with this notebook haha! I can write everything in this book, and when I don't need it, I can just erase it with a little bit of water! Super useful.

I also love to have a little notebook with me when I'm travelling, especially when I'm traveling by train. I like to write down thoughts, ideas or things I have to do. When I was at the Amsterdam train station this month, I found these super pretty notebooks that have a beautiful golden pattern on them. It's from the brand Tinne Mia. It comes with a package of three notebooks and they're the perfect size for travelling and they just look really pretty! 


I bought all of these Lush products on Boxingday and they were all half price! I like to think that I saved up a lot of money, while in reality I bought more than I normally would. I was like "Oh this is also 50% off? Ok I'll take it. Oh this also has discount! Oh there are a few of this product left, it must be good. Okay I'll take this as well." But having a bag full of lush products feels so good! I'm really happy with the butterbear box as well because my basket with all my other Lush products at home was already full, so now I have somewhere else to store my Lush products. I went together with my friend Janka who bought 14 bath bombs in total! You can check out her Lush haul if you want to see what she got! :)

These are the things that I got: Beautiful showergel, Rose Jam showergel, 2x Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, Yog Nog bath bomb, Big Bang bubble bar, Ocean Salt (scrub), Baked Alaska soap, Old Father Time soap, Bar Humbug bubble bar and the Butterbear box with 6 Butterbear bath bombs.
I can't wait to try all these products! I've already been using the showergels and they smell soooo gooood!

Yankee Candle Melts
At a Christmas market I bought 3 Yankee candle melts, which are my favourites! I bought the scents Red Apple Wreath, Winter Glow and Christmas Garland and they smell so nice and festive! I always love to have a nice scent in my room, light up some candles and curl up in a blanket and watch a series, especially in the winter! 

What did you love in December? 

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