Tuesday, 16 February 2016

My Favourite Online Resources for Design Inspiration

As a Communication and Multimedia Design student, finding new inspiration and keeping up with design trends is also a big part of what I'm doing. I have talked about finding inspiration offline before, but today I want to talk about online inspiration! The internet is full with resources for finding (design) inspiration. I think we all know the most known ones like Instagram, Tumblr, Bloglovin and Pinterest but I'm not going to talk about those today, even though I check those regularly too. Today I want to share 3 of my favourite online resources for design inspiration that you may not know already! These 3 websites focus on high quality and professional designs and are perfect for all kinds of design inspiration.

When I went to the Playgrounds Festival last year (mentioned in "seven things I loved in November") I found out that listening to designers and animators and seeing their work really inspires and motivates me. Since then I have been more active with finding new design inspiration, discovering artists, and reading about creativity and design. I've also been practising my own skills, mainly with digital and watercolour illustrations.

These online resources really come in handy for me as a Communication and Multimedia Design student, but they are useful for all kinds of design inspiration (a website, interior, photography, fashion etc.) and great if you're looking for a unique illustration, design or photo to hang on your wall, or if you just love to view pretty images and videos!


Designspiration is very similar to Pinterest, but Designspiration focusses on a high level of great design inspiration only. You can create an account and save images to your collections. Every images also has a link to the website where the design is from. When you click on an image, they also show related images that you may like. On the Discover page you'll find images of people and collections that you follow, but you can also click on the Everything page, the Popular page, and my favourite: the Random page!

My favourite thing on this website is that you cannot only search with words, but also with colours! So if you're looking for a colour palette or a design with a specific colour, this is super useful!

This website is full with all kinds of high quality, fun and pretty designs. When I need inspiration for a new project, or a new drawing that I want to make, this is the first website I go to.


A friend from school told me about this website and I've been checking it almost daily ever since. From Up North is a blog that shares high quality and professional designs. It's the perfect website if you're looking for a good daily dose of design inspiration! As you can see on the photo below, there are so many different galleries that you can check out: Architecture, clothing, digital art, graphic design, illustrations, logotypes, quotes, web design just to name a few! I also love discovering artists and designers, so I love the posts in which they put a designer in the spotlight, or posts in which they interview a designer.


As the title already gives away, Motionographer focusses more on motion graphics. They describe themselves as "a source of inspiration and insight for designers, animators and storytellers of all stripes." This is a very interesting website for me as a Communication and Multimedia Design student who wants to work in this industry. What I like about this website, is that they not only share outstanding work from studios, freelancers and students, but that they also feature stories that give readers a better understanding of the work.

What are your favourite online resources for finding design inspiration?

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