Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Paint With Me: Watercolour Sea Animals

I love pinning drawings and paintings on Pinterest, especially watercolour paintings! My 'Drawings and Art' board is by far my biggest board on Pinterest. After pinning several watercolour paintings of sea animals, I thought, why not try to paint some myself? And then I thought, why not share it on my blog as well! So I hope you're ready to paint some watercolour sea animals with me today! :) Ready? Let's paint!

What I'm using

1. Van Gogh 24 half pan watercolour paint box
This is my very first watercolour set that I bought last year in November. Even though I have no experience with other watercolour paint, I really love this Van Gogh set because the colours are very pigmented!

2. Brushes in different sizes
Most of my brushes are from the brand 'Da Vinci' but I've been loving the brush that came with the Van Gogh set the most.

3. Thin black Stabilo pen
I use this pen for black details like eyes, but also to outline something. This time I only used it for the eyes of my sea animals.

4. Watercolour paper

5. Cotton buds
I love using cotton buds to fade a colour, or to create dots!

6. Extra watercolour paper
I use an extra watercolour paper to try out if the colour is the colour that I want before applying it to my painting.

7. Water

8. Eraser

9. Pencils from Caran d'Ache

10. Tissue paper
I use tissue paper to clean or dry a brush.


The fist thing I do is sketching the thing that I want to paint. I decided to sketch a blue whale, a narwhale and a seahorse. I'm terrible at drawing something without an example right in front of me because I find it difficult to get the proportions right, so I use google to find images of the different sea animals that I want to paint. I keep on sketching until I'm happy with the shapes!

erase (carefully)

When I'm happy with the shapes, I carefully erase my sketches until there is only a very light and soft sketch visible that is dark enough to still see the shape. Otherwise you can still see the sketches underneath the watercolour paint, which can look really cool, but today I decided that I only wanted to see the watercolour in the end!

Light base colour

Now it's time to paint! I love to work in different layers and build up the colour so I start with a very light base colour first. I used slightly different colours for each sea animal. Some people like to fill it in evenly, but I love that messy watercolour look so some parts are a little darker than the others as you can see on the picture above. I also love to add some water drops to create that messy watercolour look!

When you're done with the first layer, make sure that it's dry before you go on with a second layer! Since I'm painting three sea animals, the first one is already dry when I finished the base colour of the last one.

add more (darker) colours

And now it's time to add more colours and darker shades! I also create some shadows to make my sea animals more 3D.


Again, make sure that your painting is dry before you start with the details. I love to outline the different sea animals, and to add some more darker shadows. I use my thin black Stabilo pen for the eyes and I create some dots on the blue whale and narwhale with the cotton buds. I also paint more lines on the seahorse.

Let's add some black!

I begin with light colours and end with dark colours. I use some black watercolour to outline the sea animals a bit more, and to add stronger shadows that give the painting more depth and contrast.

Whoohoo we're done! 

Brushes that I used the most

These are the three brushes that I used the most. As you can see, the Van Gogh pencils stays better in shape, and that's why I love this one the most. The Grimas pencil is the smallest pencil that I found in our local art supplies shop. This brush is perfect for small details and to outline something!

Final result 

Okay, it may look like I did this within an hour but I've actually been painting for several hours! I love to take my time for a painting and listen to music or a podcast at the same time. It's the perfect combination to de-stress!

I hope you enjoyed painting with me today! 

What shall I paint next?



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