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Seven things I loved in January

Welcome to another 'seven things I loved in...' post, a blog series in which I share seven things that I loved over the past month! Not just products, but also events and other random things that I enjoyed.
The first month of this year has been really great! I've finished my project for University, watched some great series, and had more time to exercise! But the highlight of January was definitely assisting the designer Happy Andrada during the Fashion Week in Amsterdam! I'll tell you all about those things and more in this post, so keep on reading! ;)


Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC's Sherlock Special: The Abominable Bride

On the first day of January, a brand new episode of Sherlock came out after two years. FINALLY! Sherlock is one of my favourite series, it's based in London, it has Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in it solving crimes together as Sherlock and Watson, and it's just genius. There are 3 seasons so far, with each 3 episodes of 90 minutes. I was so excited to see this Sherlock special that would hopefully give new information about things that have happened in the previous episodes. Normally Sherlock takes place in present time, but this special took place in 1895. I really love the style and especially the costumes in this episode! They did an amazing job to blend it with the main story line of the series. It was just brilliant. Confusing at some points, but brilliant. I also love how they edited it and how the story is told.

If you haven't seen Sherlock already then I highly recommend it! It's funny, it's thrilling and just genius! Check out the trailer of this episode here. If you have watched Sherlock, what are your thoughts about this special? :) I would love to know!


On the 16th of January, my friend Happy Andrada had a show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Happy is from the Philippines, but I met her when I was in London and I have assisted her during her show in Amsterdam! I had never been to a fashion week before so I was super excited to see a show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week for the first time, and also from backstage. It was an amazing experience and I felt so inspired by all the talented and stylish people around me! It was also so nice to see my friend Happy again after several months. Her show was an absolute success which was nothing strange because her collection is stunning! Her collection is futuristic with new cuts and origami folds and I love that it also has some galaxy inspired things in it!
Make sure to check out all the catwalk photos if you want to see her collection in full detail!

Below are some more photos that I took backstage! On the bottom right you can see the collection of Esther Haamke, she had her show right after Happy Andrada. 

photo: Fox

When I wasn't working on my school project this month, I was binge-watching New Girl! I saw this series on TV when it first came out in 2011, and I loved it but then they stopped broadcasting it on the Dutch TV before the first season was even finished... Luckily we now have Netflix, so 5 years later I'm watching it again and I've now seen every episode that has come out so far.
The series takes place in Los Angeles and starts with the fun/quirky/geeky Jess (Zooey Deschanel) who is looking for a new place to live after she just broke up with her boyfriend. She finds a place to live with 3 guys and the rest of the show is basically about their friendship (including Jess' model friend Cece) and their lives together. It reminds me a bit of the series Friends, but in a more modern way and with more variation of locations. It's very funny and I just love the different characters. Besides Jess is Schmidt is my favourite character at the moment (top right on the photo). He's a very vain person and I think he's just really funny. If you have watched it, who is your favourite character? And if you haven't watched it: go watch it! 


Song of the Sea (2014)

Song of the Sea is an animation by director Tomm Moore. It's about the young Irish boy Ben, and his little sister Saoirse, who is the last of the Selkies (woman in Irish and Scottish legends who transform from seals into people). Only she can save the fairy creatures. This film is about Ben and Saoirse's adventure to go back to the lighthouse where they live and to free the spirit world.
The art of this movie is so beautiful! I want to print out some of the artwork and hang it on a wall in my room because it's so pretty and it inspires me to paint more! I love the details, the colour palette, and the different textures. This movie really made me want to start animating too! Or at least draw and paint more often. I also love films about magic and legends so the story also really appealed to me. If you're a Studio Ghibli fan like me, then I'm sure you will love this animation too! Watch the trailer of this movie here.


This month, I finally finished my Minor at my University. I've been doing the Minor Digital Media Productions at my study Communication and Multimedia Design. I really loved this Minor because you were free to come up with your own project. (as long as it had a connection with what we have learned at University and it's big enough to work on for half a year) For my minor I created my own webseries about photography tips and tricks! As a part of this project we also had to do a lot of research, and write a looooot of documents about design principles and stuff like that.
At the end of the minor, we had the DMP Awards! On this day, everybody presents their project to the teachers, and other students walking by. It's a really fun day and it was so nice to see the results of everybody's project and to catch up with everybody. At the end of the day the teachers gave away several awards for the most creative and innovative projects. I didn't win but that's okay because there were so many other great projects! I'm already very glad that I passed this semester and that I can now start on my very last semester of University!

I've made a video about 'how to shoot in manual mode on a DSLR camera' for this project, and I will soon share this video with you on this blog! :)


This month I've been going to the gym a lot more, not because of new years resolutions, but because I was able to make more time to go to the gym this month! I'm going to the gym three times a week now and I love it. It just makes me feel really good and more energetic. It also motivates me to eat healthier as well. I prefer going to the gym in the morning and on two days I do cardio and a little bit of weights, and on one day I focus more on weights. I have also bought an exercise ball this month so I can do some exercises at home too and I also use it as a chair when I'm working on my laptop so it's easier to have a good posture while I'm working behind my desk.


It was love at first sight when I saw this colourful sweater. But then it turned out my size was already sold out... But luckily when I came back a week later, they had the right size for me. Yay! It's from H&M and it was €40. The material feels very nice: it's 75% Viscose and 25% Polyamide. The dark green parts are tighter, and the other parts are more baggy. It has bat sleeves and it's really comfortable, but it fits very nice too. I really love the colour combination of this sweater, I think it looks very unique. I feel very comfortable and confident when I wear it as if it was made just for me! I'm sure I will wear it many more times this year!

So those were things that I really loved in the month January!
What did you love in January?


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