Sunday, 13 March 2016

Marina and the Diamonds, The Neon Nature Tour

I recently saw the gorgeous Marina and the Diamonds live in Tivoli in Utrecht (the Netherlands). I discovered her when Glee covered her song 'How to Be a Heartbreaker' in 2013, and I just loved that song! But my love for her music and style is mainly because of my friend Floris who always plays her music videos when I'm at his place, and we both love to sing along and dance to her music! So her music also reminds me of those fun times with my friend Floris, which makes me love her songs even more.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Seven Things I Loved In February

Hi everyone! How has your February been? My February was not that special to be honest, I think I had what some people call the February blues. BUT I did went to some very fun things though and also loved a few other things this month! I love to share these things with you so keep on reading if you want to know what I loved in the month February!
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