Sunday, 13 March 2016

Marina and the Diamonds, The Neon Nature Tour

I recently saw the gorgeous Marina and the Diamonds live in Tivoli in Utrecht (the Netherlands). I discovered her when Glee covered her song 'How to Be a Heartbreaker' in 2013, and I just loved that song! But my love for her music and style is mainly because of my friend Floris who always plays her music videos when I'm at his place, and we both love to sing along and dance to her music! So her music also reminds me of those fun times with my friend Floris, which makes me love her songs even more.

For those of you who haven't heard of her before, it may sound like 'Marina and the Diamonds' is a band but it's actually the artist name of the 30 year old singer songwriter from Wales Marina Lambrini Diamandis. With Diamonds she refers to her fans, in this case her Dutch diamonds!

Me and Floris went together with another friend of ours to see her live for the first time. When we arrived in Tivoli there was already a very long queue in front of the doors even though we were plenty on time. I personally think Tivoli is the perfect size for a concert. It's quite small if you compare it with an arena, but that means that you always have a good spot where you can see the stage, even if you're on the end of the queue like we were.

One thing I always love to see when I'm going to a concert, is what kind of people go to that concert. It doesn't really matter, but it's something I'm always a little curious about. At this concert, there were a lot of people who were not afraid to look different and to stand out. Many girls had also drawn the little black heart from Marina's album Electric Heart on their cheeks, or wore the glittery cherries on their head from her latest album Froot. When the doors opened, girls were screaming and running op the stairs (and some of them stumbled). I was definitely not expecting so many crazy fans!

The supporting act was LGHTNNG, a band from the Netherlands with a very dreamy and electronic sound. I found their music a bit too dreamy for a concert, but I think their music would be great as relaxing background music.

I loved that Marina split up her show into three acts, one for each album, because I think all her albums are really great! I still don't know which album I love the most.
The first act was The Family Jewels which is the first album of Marina and the Diamonds that came out in 2010. She came on stage wearing a flashy pink outfit with matching pink Mickey mouse ears. She started the show with Mowgli's Road which I think is the perfect song to start the show with to get everybody excited! She followed with the songs I am Not a Robot, Oh No!, Obsessions, and Hollywood. 

The second act was Electra Heart. And oh my goodness, I want her body! She looked so good in that tight pink outfit with the pink cape, like a super hero! In this act she sang Bubbelgum Bitch, Teen Idle, How to Be a Heartbreaker, Primadonna (one of my favourites!) and Lies. She also took her toy dog Marilyn on stage from her Primadonna music video.

The last act was Froot, which is her latest album. She now wore blue glittery cherries on her head that matched her blue glitter outfit. She sang Froot, Savages, Can't Pin Me Down, I'm a Ruin, Forget and Immortal. She ended her show with Happy and of course: Blue!

Unfortunately the show didn't last longer than 1,5 hour and I was a bit disappointed that Marina didn't talk much between the songs compared to other concerts I've been to. I always love to hear the backstories behind songs. But she was still absolutely amazing! I love how confident she looks when she's performing. The audience was also very enthusiastic. Everybody was singing along, and when there were uptempo songs, the audience was jumping and raising their hands, so there was definitely a very good vibe at this concert.

I found a video on youtube of the same show she did in Boston. Unfortunately she didn't use the background visuals that are shown at the concert in Boston. If you're still curious about this concert after reading this blogpost, then you're going to love this video!

Are you a Marina and the Diamonds fan too? :)


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