Sunday, 6 March 2016

Seven Things I Loved In February

Hi everyone! How has your February been? My February was not that special to be honest, I think I had what some people call the February blues. BUT I did went to some very fun things though and also loved a few other things this month! I love to share these things with you so keep on reading if you want to know what I loved in the month February!


This month I celebrated Carnival again after many years! Not in all parts of the Netherlands we celebrate Carnival, it's mainly in the South of the Netherlands where I was born too. Let me explain what Carnival is like in the Netherlands: Carnival starts every year, seven weeks before easter, and it's four days long and for all ages. There is some history behind it, and there are certain traditions (like choosing prins Carnival) but let me keep it simple: everybody wears costumes and stuff (the funnier and the more colourful the better), there is typical Dutch Carnival music, a Carnival parade and A LOT of beer. I used to celebrate Carnival as a kid (without the beer part) but I moved to a town where they don't even know what Carnival is when I was 9. My sister moved back to the South of the Netherlands last year for University. She now lives in the city Breda and Carnival is massive there! (just google 'Carnaval Breda' and you'll see what I mean) So I visited her and we celebrated it together again! It was a lot of fun and I borrowed a Pikachu onsie from my friend and this is what me and my sister looked like!


I've been really loving online design resources to find new (design) inspiration over the past month. I even wrote a blogpost about it which you can check out here. I love discovering new artists and getting inspired by their work because this is the kind of field that I'm really interested in and hope to find work in too.
My top 3 favourite online design resources at the moment are: Designspiration (you can follow me on Designspiration here), From Up North and Motionographer.


I borrowed this book from my friend who said that I had to read this (and she was right). A street cat named Bob is a true story about James Bowen and his cat Bob. (I know it sounds a bit dull, but it's better than I expected!) James Bowen lived on the streets of London and was addicted to heroin. When he met Bob he was on a methadone programme and earned money as a street musician. When he found the ginger street cat, he saw that he was injured so he spent all the money that he had to make him healthy again. He named him Bob, and soon after, the two were inseparable. This book is about their story and how James saved Bob's live, but also how Bob saved his in some way.

It's just a heart warming story, and it makes me wish I wasn't allergic to cats. The fact that this is a true story and that James is now famous because of this book and his cat makes me really happy. I also found it really interesting to read what it's like for a street musician to live in London since I've also lived in London for half a year. This book really changed my view on street musicians and people that work on the streets, but also how a cat, or a pet in general, can change somebodies life.


That same friend that said that I had to read 'A Street Cat Named Bob' also recommended the 'Rehab' shampoo and 'American Cream' conditioner from Lush. And she was so right, again! This shampoo and conditioner makes my hair so smooth and shiny and soft, and it smells amazing! And it stays that way for a good few days! The 'Rehab' shampoo feels a bit oily but doesn't make my hair oily after I've washed it. The 'American Cream' basically feels and smells like a strawberry- and vanilla milkshake. Mmmm ♥︎


I bought some new clothes this month including these two cute anchor print jumper and shirt, both from Pull & Bear! Maybe it's because of the movie 'Song of The Sea' which I mentioned in '7 things I loved in January' that I have been more into sea things over the past month (like painting sea animals). I think these anchors print clothes look really cute, and I love that the shirt has all kinds of different anchors! I also really love to wear the colour dark blue. :)


I'm very late to the party, but I finally watched all seasons of Game of Thrones! People have been recommending Game of Thrones to me for years but I never really had the time to watch it and to be honest, I just didn't understand it when I watched the first few episodes. But last summer I started watching it again, and I've been watching an episode every now and then since. But after S03E09 (If you've seen it you will know which episode I'm talking about) it took a looooong time before I watched GOT again. But my friend was so enthusiastic about the series so I decided to keep on watching. I have watched the last two seasons last month and I've watched the fifth season in one week because I just really wanted to know what was going to happen next! I really started to love GOT when I got to understand all the different story lines better and I love that they are blending together. So yeah, it took a long time, but I now really love watching Game of Thrones. I really can't wait until the next season which comes out in April!


My friend Floris took me to his first concert last month: Marina and the Diamonds! It's mainly because of Floris that I know who Marina is and her music. She makes great songs and I just love her style! I listened to a lot of her songs in February, just to make sure that I could sing along to all the lyrics as loud as possible at this concert! I also realised that this is the first time that I went to a concert of a female! I've been to many concerts before, but always of boy bands or male singers.
The show was split up into three parts, with three different outfits: one for each album. I loved her glittery clothes and omg I want her body! The concert was amazing but I'm a little disappointed that she didn't really interact with the audience that much and almost didn't talk between songs. But either way, I still loved it!

What did you love in February? :)


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